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    This Script is designed to take screenshot of web pages using Mozilla embedded GTK widget. It can create a graphical user interface window using PHP-GTK 2 that contains a GTKMozEmbed browser widget. The browser widget is pointed to a given URL and the script saves the page as to a image file in PNG format when the page stops loading.Requirements:- ...
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    Screenshot can command an instance of the Internet Explorer running on the same Windows machine to make it open a given Web page.Several aspects of Internet Explorer can be controlled like whether its window will be visible and resizable, show the status, address bars and tool bars, and make the browser occupy the full screen.An image of the whole desktop ...
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    I was looking over the internet for finding a way to show my themes to the users without them needed to be registered but also just screenshots in a gallery dont really attracted me so i found this image loader on the net, I sticked it in a block and the block had born. It works with xml and you ...
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