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  1. Caterpillar
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    Caterpillar is a PHP script for screen scraping which can be used to crawl various remote websites and scrape for desired information. It's different from other screen scrapers because it uses parallel requests for speeding up the parsing process.
  2. Lightbox Pop
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    Lightbox Pop is a WordPress plugin for creating welcome screen popup windows. The welcome message will be presented at the user's first website load as a configurable modal lightbox window. Features of Lightbox Pop:- Full control on lightbox content- Standard WordPress content editor for editing content of lightbox- Timer based display- Display based on browsed number of pages- Lightbox position ...
  3. No Screenshot
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    Some sites that implement screen oriented tasks consist of a set of pages organized in the form of a tree hierarchy. For instance, the user starts at screen A which has some buttons that may open screens B or C.When the screen B is opened, the associated task has to be completed or canceled before the user is allowed to ...
  4. No Screenshot
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    Process Wait Screen is meant to generate a wait screen that is display during the execution of a long processes to make the wait more tolerable for the users. It supports displaying wait screens in pages accessed via either GET or POST methods. It also can disable the ability of letting user to repost form. The generated wait screens are ...
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