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    Seltz analyzer can process a well-formed XHTML document and extract the words contained in the document. Seltz analyzer gives scores to each word depending on conditions like, whether the first letter is upper case, whether the word is inside strong or bold tags, etc.. An array of associative arrays of words sorted by importance is returned. Requirements: PHP 5.2 or ...
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    A Golf Handicap can be use to record golf games played by multiple players in a MySQL database.A Golf Handicap generates Web forms for entering the results of each game, updates the database, calculate the handicap indexes and display the current ratings in an HTML table.
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    Scoreboard class is meant to manage the information of scores of games played by individual users. The information is stored in SQL based database.Scoreboard class provides a function to submit a score given the game name, the player user, and score as an integer value. It also has functions to retrieve the high scores table, as well individual user scores ...
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