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    Newsletter Queue can add newsletter messages to a queue that is actually a table in a MySQL database. It stores the message sender, recipient, subject and the body text.A separate process, eventually started by a task scheduler program like cron, calls Newsletter Queue queries the queue database table to retrieve the details of the messages pending to be delivered.The database ...
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    Cron Tab Eval can be used to check whether is time to run a periodical task scheduled with a crontab-like task periodic event definition. It takes a string that defines the minute, hour, day and month of when a periodic event should be triggered.Cron Tab Eval compares the event scheduling definition with the current or a specific timestamp and determines ...
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    Easy Cron can be used to schedule site down time period.Easy Cron reads from a file a specification that determines the period when the site is open or closed. The site may close every day or only on specific days at given hours.Easy Cron also provides a Web based user interface to change the site downtime schedule.
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    When you have a big MySQL database, you may need to optimize and eventually repair any tables that may need it. This class allows you to schedule the execution of these tasks. After the class performs the repair and optimization tasks, it saves the date and time in a file.Next time the class is called to perform those tasks again, ...
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    roundrobin.php script determines a schedule for n-players playing n/2 games per match for n-1 matches, where the same two players never meet more than once.Statistically speaking it finds (n/2)*(n-1) unique combinations of n items.
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    PHP Cron Parser can be used to parse cron tab files to retrieve job schedules.The idea is to provide an alternative solution for scheduling tasks when it is not to use the cron program usually available and Unix/Linux systems.PHP Cron Parser accept the standard crontab format, including comma separated and range values. It can calculate the next time a scheduled ...
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    PHP Cron can parse cron tab schedules. It does not parse cron tab files themselves, but instead, can determine when a cron job should have last run, given the schedule in cron tab format (like 0 5 * * 1-4).PHP Cron can determine when a cron job should have last run, which can be used in conjunction with database logging ...
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    Schedule is meant to render schedule time tables graphics from definitions in XML format. The schedule definitions specify the days that will appear in one axis of the time table and the hours of the day that appear in the other axis.The schedule include the definitions of the blocks of time that are allocated including the start time, duration of ...
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    crontab is for creating scheduling cron jobs.
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