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    MySQL Abstract is a wrapper class to simplify MySQL queries.Features of MySQL Abstract:- Connect to a MySQL server reusing connections previously opened to the same server- Insert or update rows using arrays of fields and values- Delete rows that satisfy a given condition- Could execute transaction by sending an array of query- Emulate sub-selects with NOT IN clause- Select single ...
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    clsCustomQuery can be used to execute MySQL database queries and retrieve all the result set rows and metadata into class variables.clsCustomQuery executes a given MySQL query. If it is a SELECT query it stores the result set rows in a bidimensional array class variable. It also stores the number of result set rows and columns in class variables.
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    dbApiCreate will give you add/edit/delete/search/generic search functions written in php as output. You tell it: database name, table name, field names, primary key, database connection details and it will then give you add/edit/delete/search/generic search functions written in php as output - simply copy the output into a new file(eg: access_lib.inc) and you have your access library for your new table. ...
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    DbQueryManager is a simple MySQL database access wrapper class. It executes SQL queries and lets the result records records be fetched iteratively with a call to the movenext function.DbQueryManager manages the opening and closing of database connection transparently when needed.After executing a query it may also retrieve the number of affected rows or the id of a auto-incremented row when ...
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    This class is meant to compose MySQL database queries from conditions defined dynamically calling the class functions. It can compose MySQL database queries add, delete, reset conditions and key values used to determine the affected rows.
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    RDQL is a language similar to SQL for querying RDF documents. This class implements a generic RDQL engine and a RDQL engine to query RDF documents from URLs or files in the l ocal file system. Almost all the good capabilities of RDQL are implemented in this class.
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