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    The document margin can be set and tables can be added to the documents. Requirements: PHP 4.3.0 or higher
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    RTF Generation Class can add to the documents pages, paragraphs, bullet lists, line breaks, images and text in several fonts, colors and alignment.The generated document can be served as the current script output.Requirements: PHP 4.3.0 or higher
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    RTF Parse class supports converting ISO Latin 1 character set used for text in idioms such as Spanish and Catalan.
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    PhpRtf Lite is a PHP class library. The purpose of the library is creating rtf documents with php, which are compatible with Microsoft Word and Open Office Writer programs. It can be used when it is need to generate rtf document on a server side.The main PhpRtf advantage of other such kind programs is, that it’s designed on OOP principles. ...
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    wordDocumentHandler can be used to convert a Microsoft Word document to HTML, RTF or plain text using COM objects. The input document formats can be Microsoft Word DOC, RTF and plain text.wordDocumentHandler can also clean the generated HTML to remove unnecessary markup that Microsoft Word adds. Of course, you need MsWord installed on the server, and Windows OS.It doesn't works ...
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    RTF Generator classes is a class for creating RTF document files from HTML. RTF is a popular rich text format meant for interchange of documents between any word processor program.RTF Generator classes parses and converts to RTF various HTML tags.
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    PHP DocWriter is a set of PHP classes that generates simple StarOffice/OpenOffice.org Writer documents. It builds the document following the file format specification so you don't need to have OpenOffice.org installed, though if installed this class can generate other document formats like MS Word, PDF, RTF, StarWriter, LaTeX, XHTML, HTML, etc. Currently supports pages, paragraphs, text styles, images, tables, text ...
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