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    This class can be used to generate RSS 2.0 feeds.It creates a DOM document and can add nodes of a RSS 2.0 feed to describe the RSS channel and its item details.The generated document served as the current script output.
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    This class can be used to compose and generate RSS 2.0 feeds.It can compose the details of the RSS feed channel and the items it contains.The class can generate the XML string and either store it in a file, display it in the browser as the current script output, or force the browser to download.
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    This package can be used to get RSS and Atom feeds and display the feed information in Web pages using templates.It uses the SimplePie class to retrieve and parse the feeds. Then it uses XTemplate template engine to display the feed items.The number of feed items and the template file used to render the items are configurable details.
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    Simple php script that displays rss feeds from the feed urls you defined on your web pages either by SSI include tags or php includes. No javascript is needed, so the content is displayed as plain content for good search engine ranking. Works on htm, html, shtml and php pages. You can use it to display your wordpress blog feed ...
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    ZebraFeeds is a web-based RSS/ATOM aggregator. With ZebraFeeds, you can aggregate news from your subscribed newsfeeds into one or more pages. ZebraFeeds can be integrated on your web site or your blog with minimal efforts and high level of customization. You can also use ZebraFeeds as personal web-based news aggregator, with reasonably convenient user interface, inspired from what modern aggregators ...
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    This package can be used to generate feeds in the Atom 1.0 XML format. The main class means to define the feed properties such as the title, URL, sub-title, language, encoding, last updated data, copy rights, author, icon, logo and contributors.The main class may also create an object of a separate class that manipulates feed entries. That class provides means ...
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    FLP - short for Flaimo's little package, is a collection of PHP classes. At the moment it contains following classes: iCalendar, i18n (internationalization), vCard, Cache, RSS Builder, Atom Builder, ReloadPreventer, Ticker (a SMS/E-Mail Shoutbox/Guestbook) and Thumb.
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    PHP Class Collection project provides different classes written in PHP 5. DirectoryList is offered in this free script with the purpose of recursive projection of the filesystem (sub-)tree in an object. Email class included is to easily create emails with attachments. FTPConnection provided for FTP access without using PHP's FTP-functions. HTTPConnection for HTTP access without using CURL. MultiSQL for easily ...
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    RSS & Atom Feeds finder is a small script which will find and display the URL for Atom and RSS Feeds for an specific webpage. This script can be use standalone or be implemented on various scripts (to display the feeds for the sites from a directory for example). A good example of this kind of implementation is: http://www.interkasa.ro/d moz ...
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    Syndication Classes provides a class for generating XML documents in general and sub-class specialized in generating RSS feeds. Currently the RSS class generates RSS feeds according to the RSS 2.0 and .9 specification. The RSS class also Validates the feed according to the version used.
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    RSS parser can parse a RSS feed and extract the information of the feed items. The feed items may be processed by an external function that may perform custom actions like rendering the feed information with a custom template. The script RSS parser may cache the remote feeds in local files for a given period to avoid accessing the remote ...
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    RSS class Feed can be used to generate RSS 2.0 feeds. The script can add several properties of RSS channels and feed items like the titles, link URLs, copyright and dates. The generated RSS feed XML is returned as single string.
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    MediaCore Video CMS is a free open source video cms and prodcast platform. MediaCore can pull video or audio from any source, track statistics, enable commenting, and provide a high degree of control over the presentation and administration. Who uses MediaCore? The CMS was built for individuals and organizations who wish to distribute video or podcasts on their website without ...
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    Beginners Newsletter Subscription PHP Example is another of my Very Quick Beginner scripts and shows how to present a form and process subcribe/unsubscribe request in a MySQL database.
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    Geek's RSS can parse an RSS feed either passed as a string or retrieved from a remote server.Information about the RSS feed channel and items can be returned.Requirements:- PHP 5.0 or higher- SimpleXML
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