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    A PHP library for supporting secure Web communications and cryptography, supporting standards like RSA, SSH2, SFTP and many morephpseclib is not a library per se, but a collection of pure-PHP implementations of various security standards and protocols.It allows developers to boost their application or website's security with known and recommended best industry practices.Features of phpseclib:Supported technologies:- 3DES- AES- Blowfish- DES- ...
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    gksEncrypt uses RSA private and public keys to encrypt and decrypt the data. A private and public key pair with a specified bit length is generated.Requirements: PHP 5.2 or higher
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    TA_OpenSSL encrypts and decrypts data using RSA certificates and the openssl extension. It can verify the resulting data after encrypting to ensure proper recovery.TA_OpenSSL supports error handling and localization to present the class messages in different idioms. This package includes test public and private key files along with instructions on how to create your own key files.
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