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    This package can be used to create Web based role play games (RPG).It is not yet finished but it already implements some important features:- Map engine: it can display maps with a bi-dimensional perspective that can be browsed interactively using AJAX. The map definition modules are simple easy to create text files.- Events engine: used to generate events on a ...
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    Dominant Creature is open source RPG engine. Inovative PvP combat system, easy templating, MVC-like modular design. In closed beta v0.5 now. Dominant Creature RPG can be installed and played or developed further.
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    The Merchant is a web based space RPG and strategy game where you can move around a vibrant universe either trading, hunting, or simply exploring the vastness of everything. The Merchant is powered by PHP and MySQL. The Merchant 2.2 contains many new features and bug fixes that contribute to gameplay. The overall atmosphere in the game is a lot ...
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