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    Rounded PHP is a PHP library for drawing round corners on graphic elements. It can render anti-aliased rounded corners in a determined image format (GIF, PNG, JPG). These images can then be used for drawing various shapes with rounded corners. It's main purpose was to help IE6 and other non-compliant browsers render CSS3's border-radius property. Nevertheless, the library can be ...
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    The corners are made to appear rounded without the use of images.Requirements: - PHP 5.0 or higher - CurvyCorners Javascript library
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    Rounded Border Table Generator generates HTML for the header and footer of a table using a CSS style sheet to make the table appear with rounded borders.Background images defined in the CSS styles are used to create the rounded corners.Requirements: PHP 3.0 or higher
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    NiftyCube uses the Nifty Corners Cube Javascript and CSS library originally developed by Alessandro Fulciniti generate HTML pages with a rounded look in using colors.The generated page may have custom footers, headers and tags inside head section. Liquid and fixed layouts are both supported.Requirements: - PHP 5.0 or higher - Nifty Corners Cube Javascript - CSS library
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    finetable.php is used to produce panels with rounded corners. It contains the class ftable, which simplifies the calls to the finetable functions.
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    FineDiv generates only one image for the corners and a CSS style sheet to produce a cross browser compatible rounded corners effect that works without JavaScript.Parameters such as the corner colors, radius, width and output image format can be configured.The corners image can be generated in JPEG, PNG and GIF formats. When the GIF format is used, the corner edges ...
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    CRoundCorner can be used to generate rounded corner images. It can render an image of a given size that can appear rounded in one of the four possible corners.The rounded corner are color, the circle radius and the transparency of the background area are configurable parameters. The image is generated in the PNG format and can be saved to a ...
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    Eyefi Image Modifier can be used to apply a series of transformations to graphical images. The developer can define a chain of transformations, optionally giving it a name, and then apply an image to this chain, which results in a new image. If the image is applied to the chain a second time, a cached image will be used.Currently, the ...
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    Rockin' Rounded Corners is a free tool you can use to:- Add rounded corners to any elements on your web site, - As a tool you can add to your site that your visitors can use. It's really easy to install, and as simple to use as we could make it. Choose from 18 different rounded corners styles.
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    finetable is a PHP script that generates tables with rounded corners. No need for extra graphic files: finetable is all in one. Includes the option to change background color, size of corners, and use styles.
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