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    Lightweight online chat room is a php script which requires only html, javascript, and php. It is very simple and easy to use, very little setup needed to install. Total program is in just 2 files.
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    Schoorbs is a free, GPL, system to make room and resource bookings through a WebGUI using PHP and MySQL/PostgreSQL. Schoorbs is a fork of MRBS. Since then various changes considering security, usability and portability were made. Features of Schoorbs: - book rooms & resources grouped by areas - activity could be log via a simple logging interface - code is ...
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    rschat can be used to manage multiple chat rooms. The records of the users, chat rooms and the messages sent by the users are stored in a MySQL database.Functions of rschat:- List the existing chat rooms:- Check if a given chat room was already created- Send a message to a given room on behalf of a given user- Get all ...
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