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    IRC Sock implements a robot that automatically logs in a IRC network and sends a batch of commands.IRC Sock can connect to an IRC server of a given address and port and authenticate itself as an user given by the parameters nick, and userid.IRC Sock can handle normal IRC protocol messages and can respond to private messages with commands read ...
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    With Mini spiders and bots class, requests can be sent to various types of servers in order to perform different actions. Key Features of Mini spiders and bots class:- Get text phrase correct spelling using Google search spelling suggestions- Get exchange rates from Banca di Italia site- Get weather forecasts from Google- Get shorter URLs using TinyURL- Get the geographic ...
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    Bot recognizer and dispatcher is the IP address of the computer or the user agent of the browser currently accessing a Web service can be checked to determine if it is known to be used by search engine robots or malicious Web crawlers.The Bot recognizer and dispatcher can call different callback functions depending on the type of crawler was identified. ...
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    user-agents accesses the user-agents.org site and retrieves a XML file with information of the user agent identification of all known browsers and robots.The retrieved information can be stored into a MySQL database or a given XML file.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    robots.wizard(tm) is an open source (PHP), web-based, robots.txt generator and editor with a nice interface that allows you to browse the file system and check the boxes of files and directories you would like to disallow. robots.wizard(tm) allows you to efficiently generate accurate robots.txt files and provides a powerful server-side reference checker. It includes authentication to limit access to the ...
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    Robots_txt takes the URL of a page and retrieves the robots.txt file of the same site. The robots.txt is parsed and the rules defined in it are looked up, in order to determine if crawling a page is allowed.Robots_txt also stores the time when a page is crawled to check whether next time another page of the same site is ...
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    ICQ Protocol can be used to create chat robots to communicate with ICQ users.The main class can establish a connection to the ICQ server, authenticate on behalf of a given user, and send messages to an user with a given identifier.A separate script can be used to implement robots with functionality defined by separate module classes.
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    robots.spider(tm) will read a robots.txt file and compare it with the pages on the site. Search engines spider the site. If there are no references to a directory or file, it will not be indexed. robots.txt files should not refer to unreferenced content because it allows other viewers to identify areas of your site that you don't want indexed. The ...
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    FSM Chat can be used to implement an automated dialog robot using finite state machines.FSM Chat can be configured to define input text strings under each state, response strings and the new states to assume when the specified input texts appear.FSM Chat can act as an automated chat robot that can be hooked to a remote console viatelnet or other ...
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    strob is a simple class that can obfuscate text that can be used in Web pages and can difficult harvesting by spammer Web crawling robots.strob works by converting text characters into equivalent HTML entities. It can also generate mailto: links replacing e-mail address and anchor text by equivalent representations that are obfuscated.
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