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    Requests to perform several operations are sent to the OpenDada.com Web services API with Opendada ringtone search API Wrapper.Currently Opendada ringtone search API Wrapper can get the top 10 ring tones, get ring tones by genre, search for ring tones with a given keyword, get ring tone by artist and title.Opendada.com is the API for the mobile content providers dada.net, ...
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    With the Orca Ringmaker, it's easy to create and manage your own ring of websites. Comes with many intuitive administration and editing features all accessible though a full-featured web GUI. With dynamically interchangable themes, the Ringmaker is designed to fit into any existing layout, or just by itself.Many cool features of Orca Ringmaker: - editable navigation bars, - eight weeks ...
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    PHP Composer is meant to render images of the musical score of ring tones notes used in cellular phones, defined in the RTTL format.PHP Composer parses the RTTL ring tones string to extract the information about the author, duration, scale, beats per minute and the notes of the tune.Then PHP Composer renders the score image using a customizable logo and ...
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    WAPbuddy is designed to a very, very simple way of building a mini WAPsite to upload ringtones and whatnot your cellphone. No database or setup is required -- only a host that can handle PHP. V1.2 adds support for the Sharp GSX10 Mobile.
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