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    The main class provides means to add comments to be associated with a given resource identifier and a given user that is submitting the comment. A MySQL table with configurable name is used to store the comments.Universal comment module can also retrieve the list of comments associated with a given resource identifier and format it with a given template.Requirements: PHP ...
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    Comment can be used to manage a generic comments system. It could be used to add comments to a blog, a guest book, etc..The comments are stored in an SQL database table. The class can install the table and associated indexes. Currently it supports MySQL and Microsoft SQL server.Comment can add new comments, update an existing comment, generate HTML forms ...
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    Rate Member Module allows customers to write reviews about site members (sellers) and rate them. This module makes it possible for customer to post feedback about user / seller and view feedbacks history before dealing with certain user. Positive, neutral and negative ratings are allowed.Admin Area includes complete reviews management to add/modify/delete/search/ approve reviews.
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    A Class Libraries & Classes can be used to retrieve and display the ranking position of a given author, as well the ratings of the packages that he published in the PHPClasses site.A Class Libraries & Classes is intended to be used by those who have published classes on this site. It can extract the following information from site for ...
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