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    MySQL Commander is a small tool to backup and restore MySQL Tables. Features of MySQL Commander: - backup/restore of binaries; - parametric backup; multiserver; - gzipping; killing of backup files; - german/english; - Online help in popup.
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    MySQL charset correction tool is excellent tool for converting charsets in MySQL databases without changing columns values. It can be used after MySQL upgrade or after restoring missing databases to repair or to convert charset. This problem is often seen when doing restore of Joomla database to a newer MySQL version.This tool doesn't require any manual conversions or any PHP ...
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    backup & restore database can generate a backup file that contain SQL statements to create all the database tables and insert its table record data. Previously generated SQL backup files can be read and executed to restore the database tables and records. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Backup_Restore can generate a backup of a given MySQL database or a specific table by generating a file with SQL CREATE TABLE and INSERT statements that can be used to recreate the database. A database can also be restored by reading a file containing SQL statements and executing them. Requirements: PHP 4 or higher
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    phpMyBackup creates backups from a mySQL-Database at given time intervals and stores them in a gz-compressed file on your webserver. An interface to restore the database is included.
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