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    Image upload script with resize is a PHP image upload script. Make sure you make the "image_files" folder writable on your server. You can specify a maximum file size and maximum image width/height inside the php code. Users can also specify maximum width/height when they upload the image, so that image is scaled down if they want to.
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    resizecalc, also Php video resize calculator is a script that knows a bit about things like "Pixel aspect ratio" (avisynth & mplayer code is output). The idea was to make a platform independent script. running @ http://resizecalc.sourceforge.net.Features of resizecalc:- Resizing, croping, expanding from one pixel aspect ratio to another- simple avisynth (human readable) output script- Smart suggestions :P
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    TimThumb is a simple, flexible, PHP script that resizes image. You give it a bunch of parameters, and it spits our a thumbnail image that you can display on your site.
  4. Adaptive Images
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    This is a PHP image handling script for automatically resizing images for mobile devices. If the image is too big to show in the user's screen (mobile, tablet or desktop), the script resizes all HTML images to fit perfectly. No mark-up changes needed. Just drop it and forget about it. Features of Adaptive Images:- Works on an existing site- Works ...
  5. phpimageresize
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    This PHP script can be used to resize, crop and cache remote images. When caching image, this script compares the generated images timestamps to the original image's timestamp. Whenever the original image's timestamp is changed, all cached images rebuilt.
  6. Image Resizing script
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    Image Resizing Script is a free program that works with just two inputs - your image and the size - and creats a new, re-sized image for you to download. It is a light weight product useful for webmaster who often use image files, by using this script you can easily resize the image at just a click away. It ...
  7. Secure Image Uploading and Resizing
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    This is a PHP image handling script to validate and resize uploaded image files. After upload, it checks files not to exceed a certain limit and if its type is either GIF, PNG or JPEG.The script can also resize the image to a certain width and height.Requirements:- PHP 5.0 or Higher
  8. Imagethumb
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    Imagethumb is a PHP image resizing script, which allows you to resize any image so that you can place the resulting thumbnail on a page. This script was created to avoid the manual creation of thumbnails, which on some sites with lots of image may take a lot of time. Currently GIF, JPEG and PNG formats are supported.Requirements:- a web ...
  9. Easy Thumbnail and Watermark class
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    Easy Thumbnail and Watermark class can be used to add watermarks to image and also resize the image. It can load an image in JPEG, GIF or PNG format and resize it to a given width or height.Watermarks can be images or text. The script can also render a given watermark text in any position as you given. The resulting ...
  10. Object Oriented GD Library
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    Object Oriented GD library can manipulate images using the GD extension functions. It is basically a wrapper around almost all functions of the GD image extension. It is a professional PHP image handling script. Handled formats include PNG, GIF, JPEG, WBMP, XPM and XBM.This script includes functions for creating, reading and writing images, resizing, rotate and copying parts of images, ...
  11. Zebra_Image
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    This PHP image handling script acts as an advanced, lightweight, object-oriented image manipulation library. several types of image manipulation operations are provided requires no any external libraries but just the GD2 extension.Zebra_Image script is designed to rescale, flip, rotate and crop images. It supports supports loading and saving images in the JPEG, GIF and PNG formats, while preserving transparency for ...
  12. Oziams Image Uploader
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    This PHP script can be used to upload images as is or optionally resize images and/or create thumbnails if required, and image filename will be as original in lowercase, thumbnails will have the same name as original with "th_". Currently, images in the GIF,JPG or PNG formats are Supported.Requirements: - PHP 4.0.3 or Higher with GD extensions
  13. No Screenshot
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    PHP Uploader script is developed to upload, process and transfer file and image transfer. It can copy uploaded files to a given destination directory if the directory exists and is valid. Function for cropping snd resize image files is also supported. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or Higher
  14. PHP Thumb
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    PHP Thumb is a small yet powerful image manipulation script focused on thumbnail generation. You can easily add custom functionality to the script through plugins. PHP Thumb has the ability to resize by width, height, and percentage, create custom crops, or square crops from the center, and rotate the image. It also features the ability to perform multiple manipulations per ...
  15. No Screenshot
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    This free PHP script is created to process and handle images. It can be used to check if an uploaded image has one of the accepted file name extensions and then copy the image to a destination directory. Image resizeing also supported by this script.Requirements:- PHP 5.0 or Higher
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