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    JsHttpRequest - an easy-to-use cross-browser AJAX library with AJAX file uploading support and many other features.JsHttpRequest first appeared as cross-browser analogue of XMLHttpRequest, and then became a very useful instrument to create dynamic web pages. It uses JavaScript (ActiveX, DOM, XMLHttpRequest if available) in frontend and PHP in backend.Functions of JsHttpRequest:- Excellent cross-browser compatibility (e.g. works with IE 5.0 with ...
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    Requests can be use to validate HTTP request variable values. It can process the request values set to super-global variables $_POST, $_GET, $_REQUEST and $_COOKIE .Requests can associate conditions to validate the request variable values. It throws an exception if there are any values that do not satisfy the validation conditions.
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    mabp::request can be used for validating the values of HTTP request variables such as $_GET, $_POST, $_REQUEST, $_COOKIE, etc..mabp::request can validate request values against a list of expected type values like : integers, decimal numbers, booleans, alphanumeric text, HTML text, arrays, etc..Invalid variables may be replaced with default values. The class throws an exception for invalid variables without a default ...
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    Apache 2 log file parser class can be used to parse common log format files generated by Apache 2.Apache 2 log file parser reads an Apache log file into an array. Each log file line can be parsed to retrieve the request details: IP address, date, HTTP method, URI, response status code and user agent.
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    HTTP Retriever can be used to access Web servers using the HTTP protocol.HTTP Retriever supports:- HTTP specification version 1.1- Submit HTTP requests of method GET, POST or custom- Access sites via SSL using PHP OpenSSL extension or CURL- HTTP basic authentication- Handle redirection automatically- Cache retrieved pages for a given period- Invoke callback functions during the connection progressProvides a pure-PHP ...
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    Post class is a very simple singleton class that wraps the access to the HTTP request POST values. It makes the HTTP POST values be accessible as class variables but they cannot be changed.
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    Validator Class is meant to validate page request values eventually submitted using forms via POST or GET HTTP methods. It provides functions that retrieve values submitted in a request variable of a given name and then performs the specified type of validation.Validator Class provides many built-in types of validation like: is it a valid number, integer, boolean, name of variable, ...
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    Form submit is meant to submit form data via GET or POST method using HTTP protocol requests and then capture the response data into a variable.
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    Query String can manipulate query strings used in HTTP requests that are used to pass arguments and values to page scripts. It can get and set argument values, delete arguments and count the number of ocurrences in a given query string.
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    Query String Manipulator allows you to change and add variables in query strings, add arrays to them, and then output it in a few different ways.
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    requestUtils acts as acentral place to retrieve user submitted data to a page access via the request, form inputs or cookies.Instead of using the super-global variables $_POST, _$GET, $_REQUEST and $_COOKIE, this class can be used instead so the submitted data can be sanitized to prevent well known security attacks like cross-site scripting and SQL injections.requestUtils may also check whether ...
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    Request filter can apply given filter rules to the script request values such as those passed via GET or POST HTTP methods.Currently the class supports rules that specify filters to accept only values that can be strings or integers or do not exceed a given limit.The request values that do not conform to the filter rules can be discarded, so ...
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    SubmitForce is a HTTP based URL submission class.It can submit URLs of pages that you want to be listed by search engine sites using GET or POST methods of form submission.New engines can be added to the engines.dat configuration file.
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    HTTP Request class can be used to send HTTP requests to remote Web servers from Javascript code in Web pages without the need to reload such pages.The class generates the necessary Javascript for performing the HTTP requests and handle the returned XML responses. It uses same technology behind Gmail and many other sites, that is also known as AJAX.
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    php unit for performing HTTP GET and POST requests. Easy to use, brief documentation included.
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