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    PlugIntelligence improve WordPress plugin search results. WordPress comes with its own plugin search tool that allows developers to easily install any plugin hosted on the WordPress repository. The PlugIntelligence (or PlugIntel) plugin allows webmasters to put search filters in place that will help them narrow down results. This will make sure developers get the plugins they are looking for and ...
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    CVS NT is meant to browse a CVS repository in the same Windows server where the class is being used. It is capable of listing the modules, directories and files that are stored in the local CVS repository.Requirements:the Registry class
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    It uses the WebDAV protocol to access a SVN repository and perform operations. Here are some key features of "PHP SVN Client":· List all files in a given SVN repository directory· Retrieve a given revision of a file· Retrieve the log of changes made in a repository or in a given file between two revisions· Get the repository latest revision ...
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