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    php ireport is a free php script to build a site that allow your site visitors to report any event or anything happening around them. It also allow you to build a network of connected phpireport sites so your site can post and get reports from other network sites.
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    WoW Server Status is a PHP script for reporting on WoW servers status. It parses Blizzard's WoW servers XML feed, fetching a desired realm's status and embedding it on a web page using a nicely crafted badge. A WordPress version of this script is also available.Features of WoW Server Status:- Different badge types (full, half, text, none)- Choose server realm ...
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    Xdebug is a popular PHP extension for debugging and profilling PHP scripts. Xdebug is an Open Source PHP debug script.This script provides a solution for collecting profiling data using Xdebug and display useful reports for the profiling results. Xdebug can generate PHP scripts and HTML pages to display code coverage information reports.Requirement: PHP 5 or higher
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    QT-registration is a professional incident registration, reporting and analysing system. QT-registrations includes, disptaching, automatic notification, calendar planning, management reporting, statistic reports with trends analysis.Also allow location of tickets on map/satellite image (Google). Support several languages: EN, FR, NL. Support several databases: MySQL, SQL server, PostgreSQL, Oracle, FireBird, SQLite, Informix, DB2 and Access.
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    phpreports is a PHP report generator application that uses XML report layout files to generate PHP code and show a report.phpreports supports grouping, subgrouping, functions like sum(), avg(), min(), max() etc..
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    Report Generator can generate customizable HTML reports from a given database structure. It presents a report preparation form page with the options that the user can customize.After the user submit the form, the class creates the report output in HTML.The report created taking the structure in which you have a table with foreign keys, and you want to know specific ...
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    phpReportGenerator is a PHP class that generates customizable HTML reports with data from the result set of any MySQL SELECT query.You need to just pass the query and a MySQL database connection resource id, customize several look and feel aspects of your report like text color, header color, table border, size, etc.. Then call generateReport function.This class is very handy ...
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    Report Manger is my first program in php. and only support farsi language (this is my language) Help me for better program and update this program.
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