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    Tona Smileys is meant to replace smiley tags with images defined in a table of a MySQL database.
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    FileReplace is a small class created to do signal's replacements, using a template file.
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    KeeVee Template implements a simple template engine based on substitution of certain placeholder marks by the given replacement strings. It caches the output of a template processed with a given set of parameters by storing the output in a cache file.Once the cache file is generated, the output is retrieved from that file, thus avoiding the overhead of processing the ...
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    TemplateHandler is a template processing engine that works by search for template place holder marks and replace them by template values.TemplateHandler supports the definition of conditional sections that can be processed multiple times to generate the output, replacing any place holders defined within the template section limits with a different set of values.
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    Cached TemplatEze is a fork of the TemplatEze variable replacement based template engine.Features of Cached TemplatEze:- Template Set support- perfomance measurement- Content Caching- Output Buffering- array assignment to assign() function- functions set(), setloop() and tplblock() merged into one assign() function- clean code
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    Templateze is a template engine that uses direct string replacement to process template files.Templateze supports:- Placeholder with multiple different start and end marks- Iteration over looping blocks- Substitution of place holder with data from additional files
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