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    EasyPhpWipeJPG is a free utility to 'batch' remove and erase EXIF, IPTC and comment information from JPG files! No configuration or editing is required. Just drop the single file solution in the webdirectory you want to clean and press 'Start Wipe!'. All JPG images will be cleaned - just sit back and relax.
  2. CompactPHP
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    This little function removes a lot of waste out of your php source (comments, blanks, tabs, newlines), which are not needed on the server (of your customer).
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    This PHP class can remove symbols and HTML tags from text strings. It is based on a list of characters to remove, it takes an inputted string and cleans it of all un-wished characters. The resulting string is UTF-8 with all letters in lowercase.Requirements: PHP 3 or higher
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    When loading a picture, Remove Border From Image can determine how thick its border is by scanning the border pixels. The sensibility level that is used to determine which pixels are in the border is configurable. Remove Border From Image can crop the image be keeping on the interior inside the image border. The resulting cropped image can be displayed ...
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    class_arrays provides additional functions to manipulate arrays. It is able to compact the array values in a in text line, add an array to another and to remove a specified value from an array.
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    CRIOSWEB_HTMLCleaner can be used to remove unwanted tags and data from HTML document. It takes a string with the HTML document to clean and parses it assuming a given character set encoding.CRIOSWEB_HTMLCleaner can perform several types of clean-up operations like:- Removing style definitions- Remove tags or attributes based on white lists or blacklists- Use the HTML tidy extension to clean ...
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    CriosWeb HTML Cleaner takes a string with the HTML document to clean and parses it assuming a given character set encoding. Several types of clean-up operations can be performed.Key Features of CriosWeb HTML Cleaner:- Removing style definitions- Remove tags or attributes based on white lists or blacklists- Optimize code (merge inline tags, strip empty inline tags, trim excess new lines)- ...
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    Power HTML Cleaner can take a list of names of tags to keep as parameters. Then it replaces the allowed tags by pseudo-tags.The remaining tags are removed and the original tags are restored in the final pass. A class variable is used to store the resulting HTML document, which can also be saved to a file.
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    HTML Sanitizer takes a string with HTML code and strips all the tags that do not make part of a list of safe tags. That list of safe tags is defined as a private class variable. There are some functions to allow usually unsafe tags like script, style, object, embed, etc..Unsafe tag attributes, such as JavaScript ones for event handling, ...
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    Cruncher class can be used to compact source code by removing comments and white space.Cruncher class uses the SourceMap class to extract only the relevant tokens to remove comments and white space from the original source code.Cruncher class was meant to process code in languages based on ECMAScript, like JavaScript, ActionScript, and others, but could be used to clean code ...
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    This bad word filter class is completly customizable. You may select which words you want to replace and remove one's you don't. You also have an option to replace bad words with a specific filter character. This class is extremely fast for what it does, and it is case-insensative. So parsing large files, such as forum posts is not a ...
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    Removes lines containing a given regular expression from the given files.
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    PHP Code Buster can be used to obfuscate PHP code making it unreadable to humans.PHP Code Buster uses the PHP tokenizer functions to parse PHP source code and rewrite it eliminating comments or white space, and replacing the variable names with names that do not hint the variables original purpose.
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    Javascript Obfuscator is meant to parse Javascript source code to rewrite obfuscated equivalent version.The obfuscation is done by removing unnecessary remarks, white spaces, carriage returns and other non-functional characters from the source code.
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