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  1. Proxy Connector
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    PHP5 script for interfacing PHP with the Tor network to retrieve remote web pages. It can connect to an HTTP proxy server that accesses the TOR network to communicate with any remote web server. While the proxy host is fully configurable by the user, so this script is not limited to only the Tor network. Proxy Connector can also switch ...
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    Remote Content retrieves remote URL or local file.
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    Remote MySQL Query works by accessing a PHP script on the remote web server that executes queries based on passed in URL parameters. A secret key is passed to the remote script in order to prevent unauthorized access.The remote script passes back the results to the requesting client using XML to marshal the data. Remote MySQL Query parses the results ...
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    This Visual Basic and PHP combination allows you to remotely execute and retreive SQL queries to and from your online databases. The VB code makes http requests to an online script (written in PHP) which executes your query and returns the result. The queries and results are encrypted using rc4 encryption, which is now free for use (no patent fees ...
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    picgrab class alows you to grab pictures from remote addresses.
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    WGetAgent can download files from remote sites using the wget program usually available on Linux/Unix systems. The class can call the wget program to start the download of a file into a given directory. Optionally it may limit the download rate.When the download is started, WGetAgent can call an given method of another class to pass the download session details ...
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    SSH in PHP implements a SSH client to securely execute shell commands in a remote server using an encrypted communications channel. This class is not based on any PHP extension specifically meant to implement the SSH protocol. It only requires the PHP extensions bcmath and mcrypt.SSH in PHP can connect to a SSH server, authenticate with given user and password, ...
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    You can run PiwiP (the PHP Scripts) on a php-server while the pictures are on another picture-server. It is essential that the picture-server allows directory-listing! PiwiP does not use a database (like mysql). A short introduction of PiwiP: - Be sure your picture-server has activated directory listing.- Be sure no index.html (or index.htm) is in the (sub)directory of the gallery-path ...
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