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    Registration can be used as a module to register new users of a site using forms that use CAPTCHA image validation to prevent that robots register automatically simulating a real human user.When a new user submits the registration form, a message is sent to his e-mail address so he can confirm that he owns the supplied e-mail address and really ...
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    Class.Jabber.PHP is a class which you can use to connect to the Jabber network. It allows you to easily connect to a server and interact with it.It supports all packet types (message, iq, and presence), is very flexible, and offers both high-level methods (registration, message sending, etc.) and low-level methods (packet sending, etc.).
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    This Rolodex allows you to add, edit, and delete users from its database. You can change nearly everything about it - from the colors to the people :-)Currently Rolodex supports the 50 States of America, however other countries will soon be added.
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