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    Regexp Builder is a PHP script designed to build simple and regular expressions programmatically, it provides clearly named functions to add each part of a regular expression, such as matching the beginning or end of the text, match a range of characters, match any text, match a portion of text multiple times, capture a portion of the text, etc..The result, ...
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    Regexp store can be used to apply regular expressions from a MySQL database. It can access a MySQL database table that contains information about regular expressions. The script can retrieve given regular expressions by name and apply operations to match, replace and split text using the regular expressions. Requirement: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Validation Class RoyalHeart can be used to validate string values. In can take one or more string values and validated them according to multiple validation rules. Currently it can validate values for not being empty, match a regular expression, have a length between given limits, not having a string appear more than a given number of times, represent a value ...
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    This class is meant to retrieve and process content data from a site with given URL or from a given file. The class can retrieve the data and filter it into multiple blocks split by a given block separator, strip Javascript code, strip HTML tags and extract data with a given regular expression. The comments in the class code are ...
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    Incredibly easy and powerful templating class - Separate your code from your HTML. The code is extremely compact and fast. Uses regular expressions to do most of the work.This powerful class implements a template engine based on tag replacement. It can load templates from files and replace tags with template parameter values.The template tags are special HTML comments (or ACTUAL ...
  6. Password format validator
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    This class can be used to verify whether a given password meets several types of security requirements.It can perform several types of independent checks like: minimum and maximum length, existence of at least one non-letter character, use of white space, use of upper or lower case characters and arbitrary regular expression matching.After one or more functions are called the class ...
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    Template_bv is a minimalist templating engine that is extremely fast, does not use regular expressions and can easily be extended.The main idea is based on "splitting" a predefined template at given delimiter marks.The class splits the template string using the PHP explode function and a configurable token string to find where template variable placeholders are located. By using this method ...
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    It opens a template file and uses regular expressions to search for place holder tags that are enclosed in { } angle bracket characters. The tags can be replaced by the respective replacement variable values. Requirements:PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Page highlighter is used for browsing the web and highlighting some words in the page using regexp, which is more comfortable than strg-f in browser.
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    Removes lines containing a given regular expression from the given files.
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    With FileManipulation, you can easily access text files (read/write). Get the X Line of a text file. write after line x in the file. Return lines containing "foorbar" (with regex). Replace a line.
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    VAT Checker can check whether an VAT (Value Added Tax) number is valid according to rules of each European country. It loads VAT number structure using regular expressions for each European country defined in a separate XML file.If the given VAT number structure is correct, the class checks the VIES site (VAT Information Exchange System) to verify whether the VAT ...
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