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    This is a PHP Script can extract keywords used in search sites taht lead the user to the current site. It analyzes the referrer URL request header, then determine if the user come from a know search site. What if actually does, is to extract the keywords that the user entered in the search site, and got redirected to the ...
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    AWStats is a server log processing and analyzer program. Iawfile can generate text files with several types of statistics computed from the values of the processed logs.Array variable are used to store the extracted statistics values. It can extract statistics about visits and visitors, referers, ranges, sections, etc..
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    The HTTP referrer URL is checked and the title of the page it points to, gets extracted.Requirements: PHP 4.0 or hifgher
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    The keywords are extracted from the HTTP referrer URL value, if it is a Google search results page.Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    Most browsers usually send the URL of a page the user accessed before and clicked on a link or submited a form that lead to the current page. That information is usually passed to PHP scripts in HTTP_REFERER environment variable.CReferrer is meant to parse the HTTP referer URL of the page that lead the user to the current page and ...
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