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    Recursive reference serialize can take an object value and generate a string that represents the information contained in the object. It can also do the opposite, i.e. process a string with an object representation and recreate the original object value. Recursive reference serialize takes care of cyclic object references, i.e. objects that reference other objects and those objects contain references ...
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    PageLogic creates content pages in INI format in which the location of each function in different script files is defined.PageLogic can be used to modularize php code.
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    The references to the object can be used by other classes without recreating them.
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    The code has more conceptual value than practical one since PHP natively supports simple linked lists.
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    The function will return a reference to a variable containing the HTML code for creating the table containing the CSV records. However an output HTML filepath may be specified to allow output to an HTML file. The returned reference will contain a boolean false if an error occurs.If output need not be stored as an HTML file the $htmlFilePath mustbe ...
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    The last activity and the reference time can be specified. cron was initially developed to synchronize two databases but can be used elsewhere.
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    simple XML builds an hierarchy of objects that represent each XML document node. XML tag node objects have variables that reference document child nodes.simple XML uses the Expat parser built in every PHP version, so it does not need any other special extensions. It implements the functions found in PHP5's SimpleXML for PHP4.
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    Singleton PDO can be used to create a singleton instance of the PDO class.Singleton PDO provides a static function that stores a reference of the current object in a static variable. Next time the function is called, it returns a reference to the first object that was created.Additionally, Singleton PDO can also insert or update a given table row from ...
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    Quicktime Reference Movie is made of several class for composing and generating Quicktime format files that reference movies one or more movie streams.Quicktime Reference Movie supports nearly all reference movie features defined in the Quicktime format specification like movie stream URL, recommend connection data rate and CPU speed.
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