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  1. iRedis
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    iRedis is a PHP script to interface with Redis databases. The script supports the Unified Request protocol. It can handle anything from simple database authentication operations to server commands and bulk replies. Requirements:- Redis 1.2 or Higher
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    Redisent is a PHP script for interacting with Redis databases. It allows developers to interact with a Redis database via PHP code. It was designed from the start to allow changes to the Redis protocol as it's developed. Features of Redisent:- Shared Redis API- Support for lists- Pipelining- Setup keys Requirements:- Redis
  3. Redavel
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    Redavel is a PHP script for interacting with Redis databases which is a persistent key-value store database written in ANSI-C for Posix systems. Redavel allows interacting with such a database right from inside a PHP website. Meanwhile, it can connect to a Redis database and execute any command passed to it. To know how to use, check the README file ...
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    PhpRedis is an extension for PHP providing an API for communicating with a Redis database. It handles sessions, errors, connections, authentication, retrieving data and much more. Check the included README file for more documentation and instructions.
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    This is a PHP-driven administration interface for Redis databases. Redis is a persistent key-value store database written in ANSI-C.phpRedisAdmin just provides a simple graphic interface for managing those stores.Requirements:- PhpRedis
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