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    Chmod Setter can be used to set the permissions of files and folders recursively. It traverses the list of files of a given directory and changes the permissions mode to a given value. The sub-directories are processed recursively.Chmod Setter keeps track of the changed files and directories in a log array class variable.Requirements: PHP 5.0
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    aFiles can be used to perform several general purpose operations to manipulate files and folders.Features of aFiles:- List the files and the folders in a directory with recursive option- Create files with a given content string- Read the contents of a file into a string or into an array line by line- Create a directory with given permissions- Copy or ...
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    Array to XML be used to generate XML documents from associative arrays. It traverses an associative array recursively.Array element keys are converted into XML tags. Array element string values are converted into child data or tags. If an array element value is another array it is converted into a nested set of tags.The generated XML document is stored in class ...
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    Automagic page generation from recursive readdir output. No database needed. Robopage crawls through the file system and (for each dir) renders a default page (image, text, htm, html or url), whose layout is either tables or frames. That page has links to all other pages (all other files in the directory). Each page has its own distinct display, but all ...
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    GenDummyClass can be used to generate the skeleton of class or interface based on an existing class.It uses the PHP 5 reflection API to retrieve the definition of the class to clone. It can also recursively find and generate the skeletons of the parent classes of the given class.The generated class skeletons are saved to given files.
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    myXTree allows to save the DOM-document in a SQL-tree and back. For a choice of the data from a SQL-tree are used XPath expressions. Data reading of a SQL-tree can be carried out by two ways: by one SQL-query and recursive way.
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    Add and strip slashes recursively class adds and strips slashes from strings in arrays recursively.
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    File Info Cache browses a directory and recursively caches file information to a database. Once the file information is in a database you can access it easily and efficiently. This script is only intended to run from the shell, from a crontab or similar process; I don't recommend changing permissions on your files for the webserver to access them!File Info ...
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    Kruskal implements the Kruskal algorithm to find the minimum spanning tree that traverses a given set of nodes of a graph.A graph is described as set of nodes and arcs connecting them. The class takes an associative array that has as indexes the letters of the starting and ending node.The respective array entry values represent the cost of traversing two ...
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    View Var is a very simple class meant to show the definition of variables formatting the output with HTML tables.View Var is useful for debugging, especially with (multidimensional) arrays and objects that the class traverses using recursion to in case of arrays of objects that contain other arrays or objects.
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    Class for reading a directory structure. Supports include and exclude filters, recursion, files only, directories only. Very simple to use.
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    Class CSeguridad can create backup archives of files stored in the server. It can traverse a given directory recursively and present a form to let the user select the files that will be included in the backup.When the user submits the form, the class uses the Devin Doucette TAR/GZIP/BZIP2/ZIP Archives class to generate a compressed archive with all selected files.
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    File Display is meant to output listings of files and sub-directories of a given directory using HTML tables. It can be configured to display or not display several types of information such as: file size, file/folder permissions, last modified date, etc..File Display may restrict the listing of files based on the file name extension. Currently, the default is to allow ...
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    File Searcher is meant to execute searches for files inside a given directory. It can traverse directories recursively as an option.File Searcher can search for files given a list of space delimited patterns that define extensions contained in the last 3 characters of the names of the files that are meant to be found. For instance, the pattern "txt htm" ...
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    Ape Search is a search class that find a keyword in all files on a dir and it's subdirs whitout htdig or any index service, it's slower than them, but you will need it when you can't install anything else on the server.Ape Search works with PHP4 or later versions.
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