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    Count Rows traverses a given directory recursively and checks the files with names that have one or more possible file name extensions. The total number of lines of the matching files is returned. Requirements: PHP 5 or higher
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    Recursive reference serialize can take an object value and generate a string that represents the information contained in the object. It can also do the opposite, i.e. process a string with an object representation and recreate the original object value. Recursive reference serialize takes care of cyclic object references, i.e. objects that reference other objects and those objects contain references ...
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    nfFTP uses the FTP extension to access a FTP server with a specified username and perform several types of operations. Currently nfFTP can change to a given directory, create a new directory, remove a directory recursively, get a directory file list, upload and download one or more files, delete files, rename files, get file information, etc. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or ...
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    Directorio can open a directory and execute several operations. Key Features of Directorio:- Retrieve the number contained entries recursively- Retrieve the listing of entries recursively- Copy entries recursively to a given directory- Create new directories- Delete entries- Retrieve information of files or directories- Remove all entries of a directory- Rename entries Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher Limitations: The code and ...
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    Folder Space Folder Quota with Percent Bar can traverse one or more directories recursively to determine the disk space that the contained files occupy. It can generate HTML to display bars that represent the occupied space in percentage relative to a given disk space quota. Several parameters such as the bar height, bar width, axis, name, folder name, colors and ...
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    Hierarchy traverse a given array and display the values of its entries as an HTML list. The entry values that are arrays are traversed recursively and displayed as nested lists. The CSS style can be customized in order to change the appearance of the lists. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Deleting specific files traverses a given directory recursively and deletes only files with a specified extension.
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    dirLook traverses a given directory recursively to retrieve the path of all files contained in the directory.An array is used to return the list of the full paths.Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    The directory is deleted along with all contained files and sub-directories.
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    Get Files can traverse the specified directory recursively. It can also filter the files according to their file names extension. An array is used to return the list of file, optionally with their complete path.Limitations: The code and the comments are in Portuguese.
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    A specified directory is traversed recursively and an array with information about the files and folders contained is returned.Each directory entry in the array has the last modification and last access time, the path, the parent directory path, the URL if the entry was to be access via the Web under a given domain, the entry type and its permissions.For ...
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    DHTMLDump takes the value of a PHP variable of either the types of integer, string, object, array, etc, and displays it as a nested tree. It can traverse arrays and objects recursively. It can also limit the of the depth of the tree when display arrays or objects to avoid infinite loops while display variables that are part of circular ...
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    Placeholder marks get replaced with parameter values in the template files. DEV Template Class supports defining a major template file that works as a replaceable theme template.Key Features of DEV Template Class:- Single line command usage with the express function- Morph one template to another- Recursive insert- Arbitrary number of insert tags in single line command usage
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    IO Tools starts by checking if a file exists on not.Key Features of IO Tools:- Filter file names to remove invalid characters- List directory files that match a file name pattern- Retrieve information about files- Remove a directory and its files recursively- Remove all directory files that match a file name pattern- Synchronize the files of two directories recursively- Store ...
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    file2menu can traverse recursively a given directory under the site document root and retrieve the list of files contained in the directory and any sub-directories that match a list of accepted file name extensions.HTML code, used for displaying the list of files as menu links is generated. The menu can also be saved to a given file.
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