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    Impleo is a simple PHP-script for managing your record collection. It’s possible to add, edit and delete records. Each record contains the name of the artist, title of the record and year of release. In addition to this, it’s possible to add any kind of detail of your own choise. Requirements:To run Impleo Music Collection 2.0 you need a couple ...
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    Mysql record set gives you the possibility to navigate through MySQL record sets and manipulate the stored information.Mysql record set just takes a SELECT statement and the class takes care of the other operations that you may want to perform, like for instance: updating records, deleting records, adding a new record, filter records according to a criteria.Mysql record set is ...
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    A Golf Handicap can be use to record golf games played by multiple players in a MySQL database.A Golf Handicap generates Web forms for entering the results of each game, updates the database, calculate the handicap indexes and display the current ratings in an HTML table.
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    AL's simple MySQL record control class is a simple wrapper to create and manipulate MySQL database table records.AL's simple MySQL record control class uses the class variables to store the table key and data column names and values and provides functions to insert new records, update or delete existing records, and check whether a record with the given values already ...
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