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  1. GentleSource Tell a Friend
    273 total visits
    This is a site recommendation script that allows you to let visitors recommend your website. Both HTML form layout and e-mail layout are template driven and customizable. It also includes several security features to prevent abuse by spammers. Features of GentleSource Tell a Friend:- Processes form data and sends it per e-mail- Handles multiple forms- HTML and mail layout is ...
  2. No Screenshot
    2003 total visits
    Viewfinder Send to a Friend Script is a simple drop-in PHP file that will allow you to add a Send to a Friend link to any page of your site (so it can be page specific if you wish).Viewfinder Send to a Friend Script will allow someone to send the link to your page, with comments, their name and email ...
  3. No Screenshot
    2107 total visits
    Simple site recommendation script with lots of extra features for those who want them & no required configuration! Features of PBL Tell A Friend:- Nothing in the script needs to be modified unless you want advanced options! - Prevent servers, not given access, permission from being recommended! - Control how many people the user may recommend at a time - ...
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