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  1. Read Text Files
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    This PHP script is created to read text files line by line. It opens text files and performs several types of line oriented operations. Currently, the script can read one line at a time, and then jump to a given line number and count the toal number of lines in the file.Requirements:- PHP 5.0 or Higher
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    Fichero can open a file and read its lines into strings. The strings may be returned as is, trimmed, as an array of lines, or decoded using base64 algorithm.The file lines are searched using regular expressions. It can also write back text to the file, optionally encoding it using the base 64 algorithm.Requirements:PHP 4.0 or higher
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    File class provides an API for common file routines. Method list:- readAll()- read()- write()- readChar()- writeChar()- readLine()- writeLine()- buildPath()- stripTrailingSeparators()- stripLeadingSeparators()- skipRoot()- getTempDir()- getTempFile()- isAbsolute()
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    Manipulate, read or write files provides several classes to access and manipulate files.These classes can perform several types of operations like: creating, deleting, check if exist files and directories, get the size of a file, list files in a directory.IMPORTANT:Requires the PEAR File package
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