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    Ratings can insert yes or no ratings of products in a MySQL database table associating to an anonymous user identified by his IP address or to logged user identifier.A summary of all the ratings of a product can also be retrieved.Requirements: - PHP 5.2 or Higher
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    Page Rating Class can display a form with radio buttons to let the user rate the pages from 1 to 5. The ratings are stored in a MySQL database.Statistics about ratings and voters can also be displayed.Requirements: PHP 4.4 or higher
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    A rating value between 1 and 5, including half points, is used as input.Rating Star generates HTML to display as may bright stars as points. If the points are less than 5, it also displays dimmed stars for the remaining points.Half points are turned into a star that is half bright and the other half is dimmed.Requirements: PHP 3.0 or ...
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    Star Rating System class allows you to create a star rating system with PHP and MySQL (Version 1.7) based on Fast Template.
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    Amort can calculate and display an amortization schedule of a loan. It outputs a form to enter the values of the amount of a loan, the interest rate, and the length in years of the loan.Optionally, Amort will either display the entire schedule or just the following calculated amounts:- Total amount paid over the life of the loan- Total interest ...
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    Currency Exchange can be used to obtain exchange rates for various currencies. It accesses remote Web sites of banks and entities that provide currency exchange rate information and parses the site page data to obtain the name, country and exchange rate for each of the supported currencies.Currently Currency Exchange can obtain information about 21 currencies from the Federal Reserve Bank ...
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    AJAX Star Rating can be used to let users rate content. It can display the current content rating level by the number of starts from 1 to 5.An user can submit his own rating by clicking on the respective star. When a new rating is submitted, an AJAX request is triggered to send the user rating. The AJAX request response ...
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    Features of Exchange Rate Currency Calculator:- Convert to and from all currencies. - Customizable and easy to use. - No database required. - No installation required.
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    Rate Member Module allows customers to write reviews about site members (sellers) and rate them. This module makes it possible for customer to post feedback about user / seller and view feedbacks history before dealing with certain user. Positive, neutral and negative ratings are allowed.Admin Area includes complete reviews management to add/modify/delete/search/ approve reviews.
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    A Class Libraries & Classes can be used to retrieve and display the ranking position of a given author, as well the ratings of the packages that he published in the PHPClasses site.A Class Libraries & Classes is intended to be used by those who have published classes on this site. It can extract the following information from site for ...
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    AJAX Rating Counter can be used to implement a star rating system that uses AJAX to update the average rate without reloading the rate page after a user has voted. It can display the current average rating between 1 to 10 using star icon images.A new rating submitted by an user is sent to the server using an AJAX request. ...
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    ELO Calculator is a small class that uses the ELO rating system to compute game players skill levels in two player games. Although the ELO rating system has been used for chess or go, the formula works for any two player or two-clans matches.
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    phpWebDirectory is a full-featured Web Directory application, which includes easy installation with the help of user-friendly installation wizard and everything needed to create your own fully customizable Internet website directory. Features of phpWebDirectory: - unlimited links; - advanced administration;- user management system;- powerful search engine; - sorting by any field; - rating & voting; - new links list; - top ...
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    Integrate books recommendations into your PostNuke'd Site. With rating, comments, suggesting of books. Books may have images, descritpions and affiliate links to online bookstores. Not only focused on books, but any catalogue-driven-shop.
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