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    Easy Password Generator can be used to generate secure passwords that are easy to remember for humans. It uses random words from a dictionary stored as a text file.Easy Password Generator generates pronounceable words made up from a configurable amount of letters and/or numbers. The first letter of the dictionary word and random word is converted to upper case.Then Easy ...
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    Lucky Strike can be used to generate and manipulate random text strings. It can generate random text strings based on a specification format that determines whether the string should lower or upper case vowels and consonant letters, and even or odd numbers. It can also pick a random text or number from an array, or a semi-random value from the ...
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    Generate Number Code is a very simple class that can be used to generate random numbers.Generate Number Code can generate a number with a fixed number of digits. Optionally it may return the number as a string padded with spaces or zeros.
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    Ad Rotator script is a simple class that can be used to create ads that rotate according to a random order. It takes an array of image files name strings as parameter but it could also be HTML tags for rich media ads.Then Ad Rotator script shuffles the numbers assigned to each ad array position in a way that the ...
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    Encrypt and Decrypt any string can be used to encode and decode text strings using basic PHP functions.It generates a random encoding key that is used to scramble the input text. The resulting scrambled text is mixed with the encoding key.The decoding process recovers the encoding key from the input text and applies the inverse of the encoding process.
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    Secure Number Image Creator is a simple class that can be used to generate an image with a random number or text.It can compute a random number, render the number or a given text in an image using the GD extension and then output the image in the GIF format.
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    Looking to add some great music to your PHP-Nuke site? The Unsigned artist block from unsignedbandweb.com will let you feature a random artist from our database in a small block on your site. Your visitors will be able to listen to a song and view information about the artist. Included info is: Artist name, picture, genre, song title, and a ...
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    Concurrent Code Rotator can pickup a random text from multiple random alternatives. The text may be code in PHP, HTML, Javascript, etc., for instance to serve rotating advertisements.Concurrent Code Rotator uses special random number generation algorithm which allows to control the frequency and probability of appearance per working cycle.
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    Alternate text is meant to extract a random text string from a string that defines a set of possible combinations of words. It is supposed to be used to generate variations of a message that can be refreshed dynamically.Just try this combination definition "(hello|bye(world|(sweet|)home|moon)" to see the multiple variations of text strings that the script generates.
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    Image Rotator classes can pick a random file from a directory. Despite it can be used for displaying rotating banner images, it can be used to randomly pick an other type of file.The class can traverse a given directory to retrieve all files of a given list of file name extensions. Then it can pick one file randomly to be ...
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    randomWord class makes a random 'readable' word (currently english-only).randomWord is useful if you want to randomly generate passwords that your user can read and remember (instead of giving them a bunch of numbers). Some examples: Huchafo, Pequizu, Zequiju, Chomoxy.
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    CafePress Random Product will display a random product from your CafePress store. You can supply a simple template to control style, and have the output link directly to the shown product or simply to your main account.You can cache the results so you don't have to connect to the CafePress website all the time. Images can also be cached locally, ...
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    Password Generator class can generate random passwords using the current time as randomizing seed.The generated passwords have a given fixed length and can have only numbers, or only letters or both numbers and letters.
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    Cryptography can encrypt and decrypt data using the XOR (exclusive OR) binary operation.An encryption password text is combined with the data being encrypted and a random input vector using the XOR binary operation. The encrypted result is return encoded with the base64 algorithm.Cryptography can also decrypt data using the same encryption password by applying the reverse algorithm.
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    JPPassClass is a simple class that can generate a random text made of characters of multiple possible characters sets. It can be used for instance to generate random passwords.The supported characters may be made of either only lower case letters, only upper case characters, only digits, or a combination of any of these three character sets.The generated random text may ...
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