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    A file size limit can be imposed.Key Features of EasyUpload:- Configuration of the operating system- Generation of a random name- Removal of special characters- Retrieval of original name, the generated random name and the extension of the file name
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    An image with a random key string on a noisy background constructed from random text characters or line grid, is generated.The image is meant to be used in a form so the user reads the key text in the image and must enter it to prove that is a real human.The form also passes an hidden field that contains a ...
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    ASCII CAPTCHA generates a CAPTCHA validation text string with random letters and then renders that text as an ASCII art string with multiple lines that represent the validation text with some distortion and noise characters.The rendered text and the random validation text are returned as strings.Requirements:PHP 3.0 or higher
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    Fox captcha generates an image of a given width and height with a sequence of random hexadecimal digits over a set of random lines.The digits and the lines are rendered with the same foreground color. The foreground and background colors are generated randomly. The background color is always darker than the foreground color to assure high contrast.The image is generated ...
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    Currently, Space maps can generate an image with a space map with a given number of sectors placed at random locations in a way that they do not overlap. It can also render optional space gates.The map image is served as the active script output, in JPEG format.Requirements:PHP 4 or higher
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    KG CAPTCHA Class renders a random text with letters and digits in an image. The rendered text is stored in a session variable for posterior validation.A random background is inserted behind the rendered text on the generate image. The length of the validation text, the colors, and text fonts are configurable.The validation image can be generated in the GIF, PNG ...
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    TagCloud-a-like script is an easy to configure Tag-cloud script that will randomize the display of your links.Usage:- Add links to the "$array" in the predefined structure.- Use "include('cloud.php')" to call the script.
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    Random Email Generator for Spambots is a PHP project which generates realistic looking email pages in order to trick spam bot harvesters into collecting fake address. Hopefully, the result will be that the spam bot will report back millions of fake addresses to the spammer's servers. Random Email Generator for Spambots is a free, open source program. If you make ...
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    Random Lib can be used to pick a random item from a collection. It can add to a collection of items that can be values of any type: strings, numbers, objects, etc.. Each item may have a probability weight.Random Lib can pick one or more random items from the collection. When picking multiple items it may allow repetition of the ...
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    Check spam can be used to generate and validate CAPTCHA validation images. It can create an image in the PNG format displaying a random text. The text is stored in a session variable for later verification.Check spam can also generate HTML to display the verification image and the inputs of a form on which the user must type the text ...
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    Deck class can be used to display a deck of playing cards. It can present the cards as images, as well display their names in English.Deck can also pick random cards for the deck and rank them according to their value.
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    Hangman classes can be used to pick words and check guessed letters to implement the hangman game.Hangman classes picks a random word from an array, checks whether a guessed letter is part of the word, and display the word with the correctly guessed letters.An usage example script is provided to demonstrate how to implement a Web based version of the ...
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    Picture of the Day can be used to show a different pictures every day.Picture of the Day can show one or more pictures per page. Each picture file picked randomly from one or more directories.The listed images can be cached.
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    Random Word can be used to generate a random readable word. It can generate a word of a given length starting with a consonant followed by alternating vowels and consonants to make the generated word more readable.The generated word may be adjusted to include lower case letters, upper case letters, or have only the first letter in upper case.
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    cappypass can be use to generate text string to use as a password with random characters with certain constraints. It can generate a random text with a a given length.The text characters may be picked from several character sets. Currently cappypass uses predefined character sets that consist of: lower case letters, upper case letters, digits, several special characters.
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