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    PictText can generate a picture with random text string. It can be used for validation against robots. It generates a picture with a given text or a text with random characters. It output pictures in either the PNG or JPEG formats using the GD 2.0 library extension.You can specify a custom TrueType font file or let the class to pick ...
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    Secure Password generates an hash for a password using a random salt of a given length. The hash is generated using the SHA1 algorithm appended to the salt string.Whether a password matches a specified hash can also be checked. It applies the same method retrieving the salt for the hash string.
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    PHPAds classes can show random advertising images from a list of images files retrieved from a given directory.PHPAds classes lists the GIF and JPEG images of a given directory, picks one image file randomly and generates HTML tags to display that image.
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    Ocheck class displays a form with 3 groups of radio inputs associated to 3 verification images. Three random images are also displayed for the user to select from.The random image file names are stored in a session variable, so Ocheck class can verify whether the user select the right radio buttons associated with the picked random images.Requirements: PHP 4.3 or ...
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    Random keys stored in a database are used for posterior verification.
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    Simplest Hash can be used to generate and verify unique hash values. It can be used to prevent that a form is submitted twice or a link be followed more than once.Simplest Hash generates a random hash value and store it in a MySQL database table. It assures that the hash is unique among all stored hash values. It can ...
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    Team schedule maker can be used to generate the schedule of games that a set of teams play on a season.Team schedule maker takes a given number of times and assigns all games that they play with each other. Games are randomly picked in order to generate the complete season schedule.Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    Rotate Image can be used to display random images in an HTML page from a list. It gets the list of image files present in the given directory with a name that matches a pattern defined by a regular expression.Rotate Image then picks a random image to display and generates HTML tags to display that image.The generated HTML tags contain ...
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    Random Image classes is a simple class that can pick a random image from a specified folder.Random Image classes traverses a given directory and pick one file from all those that have file name extensions typical of image files like .gif and .jpg.
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    Generate random float numbers can generate a given count of random floating point numbers in such way that the sum of all generated numbers is equal to a given total.Generate random float numbers, a class array variable is used to store the generated random numbers.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Simple CAPTCHA Class generates an image with a text string made of random letters. The text in the image is obfuscated with lines and shapes drawn in many different colors.The resulting image gets served in PNG format as the current script output.Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    A random number of objects that represent HTML tag nodes are generated. Each object may have a random number of child HTML tag nodes up to to a given limit of nested depth. Each HTML tag node is also filled with random data.Once the random tree of HTML nodes is generated, the HTML document is generated as the output of ...
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    A form parameter with a random hash is used in both the form and the processing pages. No Spam class can be used in links and forms.The links or forms that process the hashed parameters can verify the hash and only allow to proceed if the hash of the current date matches the followed URL hash parameter. This may help ...
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    JSCaptcha generates a validation text, who's half in a dynamically presented and the other half is displayed by Javascript code generated by the class.The random validation text is stored in a session variable so that JSCaptcha can be used for validating the user input.Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    Scramble Eggs can take a given text string, split it in pieces of the same size and insert random text between each piece. The original text can also be recovered from scrambled one.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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