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    The randomly generated text is rendered as an image and is obfuscated with various lines. The generated image is stored in a given directory and the text is stored in a session variable for posterior validation. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Random Picture can open a file and retrieve a list of URLs, one per line. The URL can be picked and returned from the list at random. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Cell CAPTCHA generates an image with a given text or a random text that is stored in session variable. It renders text in the image as a table of cells that show the text in a given color. The text submitted by the user is verified to match the CAPTCHA text. The verification can be case sensitive or insensitive. Requirements: ...
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    Chaos takes a specification string that defines the sets from which will be picked the characters that will compose the random string to be generated. The script supports sets such as lower and upper case letters, lower and upper case vowels and punctuation. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    AJAX CAPTCHA can generate a random validation text with a given length and draw the text in an image obfuscated with random lines and ellipse shapes. A session variable is used to store the generated text in order to be used for validation. AJAX CAPTCHA generates the validation image in JPEG format as the current script output. It also returns ...
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    PHP CAPTCHA with Refresh generates an image with a given width and height display a random validation text with a given length. The generated random text is stored in a session variable for posterior validation. A specified background image is used to obfuscate the generated images before they are served in JPERG format as the active script output. Requirements: PHP ...
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    Rand can generate random numbers from within a specified range. The generated numbers can be integer or floating, positive or negative, without or with trace. Requirements: PHP 5 or higher
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    Script may be added to any PHP page which requires user authentication. To submit Forms, or to enter private areas or to gain access to a websites controlled environment visitors will confirm their presence by typing a matching set of randomly selected characters. Script is easily added to one of your pre-existing pages using a single line of code. The ...
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    All URLs are stored in one file (webring.urls), and each link in the webring references one of three functions: next (next.php), previous (prev.php), or random (rand.php) at this site. A loopedArray object, simulating a "looped" array data type with a number or basic functions, is used.URLs are simply added to the webring.urls file as one per line. next.php, prev.php, and ...
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    The dataset can be used for testing purposes or to perform statistical analysis.Key Features of Sample Data Generator:- Generate sample customer data to populate a database for application testing purposes- Generate statistically random samples from a marketing database, for further analysis- Generate random datasets for modeling simulations
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    A file can also be copied from another server to your own.Key Features of My Easy Copy:- You can change the file's original name into a new name (random numbers & letters)- You can select the folder that's the file will be uploaded into- Show the time used to copy the file- Show the file size
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    SecurityImage creates a random text with a limited length of letters and digits and renders it in an image using one of several possible TrueType fonts. Random background images can be used to obfuscate the CAPTCHA text. SecurityImage also renders random circles to also obfuscate the text. The image is generated in PNG format as the current script output.Requirements: PHP ...
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    DbRand, a redundant Master/Slave MySQL connection class. Chooses a random db connection for selecting purposes.All other queries will be run on the MASTER connection. Also checks to make sure the server is up prior to opening connection.
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    A function is used to return a random alphanumeric string of a specified length.
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    Specific characters can be defined in an array for use in the password generating process.
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