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    eDJPanel is a lightweight DJ panel which is designed for online radio stations. Features of eDJPanel:- a staff list, for listing DJs. - Request system, which enables interactions between DJs and listeners. - A table displaying radio information, banned songs, links, the ability to change links, staff, banned songs etc.. and more! What's new in this release eDJPanel:- When DJs ...
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    Embed Shoutcast radio takes the URL of an Internet radio and generates HTML embed tags with the necessary parameters to play the music of the given Internet radio. Some embedding parameters are predefined, but their values can be changed and new ones can be added. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    JoomlaRadio is a powerful internet radio receiver for Joomla 1.5 based websites.With its great options and effects it's a must have for Joomla! based (streaming) websites. New Options of JoomlaRadio: - DHTML pause scroller Animated buttons (realistic look) - 90 Radiostations worldwide (country sections) - Draggable Joomla!- Radio Drop down menus Different equalizer effects Component and module now !
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    NBBS Wizard can be used for creating wizard-like pages, for instance, for installing applications.NBBS Wizard can generate wizards with multiple pages with installation progress feedback and standard buttons to go to the next page, previous page, cancel the installation task. There is also a subclass that makes it display a splash screen page.NBBS Wizard can perform several types of standard ...
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    Radio is a simple class that can be used to create an online radio by serving playlists of music streams that should be played one after another.Radio can work with three different types of music streams: MP3, WMA and Real Audio. A sample HTML file is included to show how the class can be used to play audio files with ...
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    Add great unsigned music to your PHP-Nuke site. All songs are hosted at the Unsigned Band Web and don't occupy any space on your servers! Plays mp3 songs in a stream.To install, just place the block in your blocks folder and activate it. Everything else is handled for you. *Just Released, Version 2.0a! New play buttons and buttom link.
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    MP3 Jukebox provides the functionality of a simple jukebox like Web based Radio. It can generate and serve play list files that contain the URLs of a set of audio files that are queued for playing consecutively.The audio files to be played are stored in queue directory. The class keeps the play order according to the order by which the ...
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    DJ Status is an attempt at managing the DJs for your shoutcast radio station. It allows you to show information on the currently active DJ which could be useful to your visitors. Information such as IM contacts and a link to their song request page can prove invaluable.DJ Status is incredibly easy to use from all angles. It features an ...
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