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    iYell is a PHP quote display script that offer to your visitors the ability to the world, and publish it on your main page. They can write a text, add a photo taken by webcam a link. As much easy as open: website and script under copyleft license.
  2. Xhanch - My Quote
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    This is a WordPress plugin for showing a random quote with provided predefined quotes or an user's own collection. With the plugin, the user can provide useful and worthy knowledge, words and information to visitors.The website will be more dynamic and more keywords-rich since the content of every pages of a WordPress website will keep changing due to the plugin.Requirements:- ...
  3. RanTex-Random text Script
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    RanTex is a random text script, RanTex will display a random quote or text block from a list of your choice. Text/quote can contain HTML code so you can make them interactive.Features of RanTex:- displays random text or quotes from a list of your choice.- quotes can be hard-coded or listed in an external file.- random text can be displayed ...
  4. CJ Random Quote
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    CJ Random Qcan can be configured to show the quotes from a text file in sequential order. All you have to do to install it is upload a few files and create an insert on your page, the script will run in ssi pages as well as php. This script is great if your struggling for ideas of page content ...
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    CXRandom is a very simple php script who display random text. You can write HTML code and display it random at each refresh of the page. It is a good method to display banners or text links in rotation How to setup it?Simple open file "cxrandom.php" with a text editor (example: Notepad). Then modify current 5 quotes examples. You can ...
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    Yahoo Quotes accesses the Yahoo Finance site server and retrieves data for a given stock symbol. Stock data can be retrieved for the current day or for a range of days.Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    PHPQuote for Quote.com can be used to retrieve stock quote information from from Quote.com site. It can retrieve the information page at quote.com of a given stock symbol and parse the page to extract several fields of information.Currently PHPQuote for Quote.com can extract the stock last price value, open value, last close value, and negotiation volume. The retrieved values are ...
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    wsCStockFinder can be used to retrieve quotes from Bovespa stock exchange in Brazil. It accesses the Web page of Bovespa site to retrieve the company stock quotes given the respective code.
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    stocks allows you to get stock quotes information from Yahoo server. It is useful for Webmasters who want to have stocks information on their web pages.
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    Yahoo Developer can be used to retrieve company stock quotes from Yahoo Finance site. It retrieves the list of a stock quotes of a given company in CSV format and parses that information to display in an HTML page.Right now the class just provides access to Yahoo Stock Quotes service. More features will be added to this class in the ...
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    The arrays of request super-global variables, $_GET, $_POST, $_REQUEST and $_COOKIE, are traversed.User Input Sanitation escapes the values of the request variables add escape slashes characters to quotes, backslashes and NUL characters, so the values can be used in database queries without further escaping.Simple logic and methods are used to clean malicious input and make database interaction a bit safer.Requirements:PHP ...
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    Stock Quoter allows you to display stock quotes (20 minute delay) and intraday charts in any PHP page on your website. Super easy to install - just upload to any directory and it runs stand-alone. Use a PHP include statement or paste the code directly to display as part of an existing PHP page. Separate config file lets you control ...
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    USPS Quote provides an interface to use the United States Postal Service's online APIs. It allows getting real time shipping quotes for domestic and international shipments.USPS Quote can retrieve information about all service types and can handle domestic and international shipments. The class requires the PHP extensions DOM XML and Curl.
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    A module for phpWebSite 0.8.2 that displays a block with a quote in it. Quotes can be added, modified, and deleted by webmaster.
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