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    Entire Class/Functions is a connection to a MySQL server can be established and SQL queries can be executed.Here are some key features of Entire Class/Functions:- Retrieve query results into single value variables or arrays- Execute queries to retrieve and display paginated listingsRequirements: PHP 3.0 or higher
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    Sort Order Class is written with the hope that it will be of use to someone, and comes "as is" without warranty of any kind. I (Serge Stepanov) do no warrant or guarantee that the code will work under any circumstances besides my own. Any damage caused by the use of this script are not the fault of the author. ...
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    UtilsClass for phpLib, provide 4 methods to select, insert, update and delete data from database. UtilsClass is really a simple work, but it was helpful to me, so I thought to make it available. Requirement:phpLib properly installed.
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    EasySQL classes provides the same interface to compose and execute SQL queries to access several types of SQL databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite. The script provides simple methods that will help to compose and execute SQL queries of the types: SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE and TRUNCATE. EasySQL classes can be easily extended to implement the same interface to access other ...
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    Database Connection is a very simple MySQL database access wrapper. The script can establish persistent and non-persistent connections, set the current database, execute an SQL query and return its result set resource handle, free the result set and close the connection. Database Connection also allows persistent setting, and saving of the result resource.
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    TNavigator is the view result set from queries and navigate through the result pages.
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    Data Objects can provide an interface to access data in tables rows using objects of the class. It can access any database table without previous knowledge of the table structure. It determines automatically the fields and the primary keys. It can work with tables with one or more primary key fields. The class Data Objects provides functions for searching, inserting, ...
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    DAO classes is a SQL database access wrapper. It can establish database connections to one of several possible database server slaves. The class DAO classes can execute queries immediately or store the SQL statements in a queue file execute the queries all at once some time later. It also supports managing transactions and retrieving result sets all at once into ...
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    Datamodul is a MySQL database access wrapper with metadata retrieval functions. THe script can establish MySQL database server connections, execute SQL queries, iterate over query results and retrieve its data as arrays. The class Datamodul can also retrieve metadata like the database table names and the respective fields.
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    iOracleDriver is an Oracle database access wrapper. iOracleDriver comes with a class for managing Oracle database connections and execute SQL queries, and another class for retrieving query result sets.
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    Easy MySQL permits an easy manipulation for MySQL databases. This script run in DEBUG Mode. Easy MySQL includes EXAMPLES for select, insert, update and delete.
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    Query is very similar to dibi and Zend_Db, but the main difference is that it does not attempt a database abstraction, being closely tied to MySQL , which has its advantages and disadvantages. Key Features of Query:- Small, simple and easily customizable library - Query2 is about 17 kilobytes, the code is readable and well annotated.- Flexible and powerful - ...
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    Connector can prepare and execute MySQL prepared queries using the MySQLi extension. Query values and types are passed as arrays and bi-dimensional arrays are used to return the results. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    DbProxy can be used to execute MySQL queries from SQL templates defined in XML files. The script can parse a given XML file that contains definitions of SQL query templates. DbProxy can execute given MySQL queries eventually replacing template parameters with given values.
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    Oscar CouchDb requests for adding, updating, copying, deleting and retrieving database records can be sent to the Web services API of a CouchDB database server. Oscar CouchDb can also retrieve the list of all databases, the list of database tables, and compact a database. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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