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    DB Access class allows you to execute various queries for Access Interbase, MySQL and PostgreSQL databases. You can execute SELECT, INSERT, DELETE and UPDATE in your tables.
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    Query Process is database access wrapper that can access either MySQL or PosgresSQL or Microsoft SQl(MsSQl) databases. It can establish connections to either a MySQL or PosgreSQL or MsSql server depending on the value set in a variable of the class.Then Query Process can be used to execute queries and retrieve result set data in arrays from any of the ...
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    PostgreSQL Database Driver comes with a class that manages connections to a PostgreSQL database server. It comes also with a class to perform SQL queries and retrieve the results.The connection class can executes queries and manage transactions. It can also create, read, write and delete large objects (LOBs).
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    Bouncer Query can establish a TCP/IP connection with a remote server of a given IP address using a bouncer server to relay the connection.Bouncer Query establishes the connection with the bouncer server using the supplied user name and password. Then you can send commands to the remote server using this connection with the bouncer server.
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    Interbase allows to manipulate database of the Interbase with debug mode. Include examples for select, insert, update and delete.
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    sql_query_generator will generate a large range of SQL SELECT queries from a submitted form.It provides facilites for simple queries on one field on a table, joins, selection of fields to be returned, aliasing of fields (eg. SUM(Price) AS Total), ORDER BY, even multiple queries from one form.Comes with a basic demo file, which I hope to update in time. GROUP ...
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    The mysqlQueryContainer-class makes it possible to create several MySQL connections to different hosts and Databases on one Object.This makes it possible to work with several databases in your script in an easy way. The code code is well documented (phpDoc compatible).
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    Miester Search class indexes multiple tables, builds dictionaries, creates btree indexes, and creates sql queries based on user input.
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    XML2DB can generate SQL queries to import data from XML files into an SQL database table.XML2DB uses the Simple XML extension of PHP 5 to parse XML files from which the data is extracted according to mappings that define which tag data and attributes are used to create the resulting SQL INSERT statements.
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    This class is meant to ease the generation of database queries by composing the SQL statements based on parameters passed dynamically to the class functions.SQL Query can generate SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE SQL statements. It has functions to specify the columns involved in the queries, the column values and the conditions that will determine which database table rows will ...
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    DDcomboBox is a simple PHP component that populates a listbox with data from a recordset created from a PostgresSQL database query.
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    DbQueryManager is a simple MySQL database access wrapper class. It executes SQL queries and lets the result records records be fetched iteratively with a call to the movenext function.DbQueryManager manages the opening and closing of database connection transparently when needed.After executing a query it may also retrieve the number of affected rows or the id of a auto-incremented row when ...
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    SQL wrapper is a simple MySQL database access wrapper class. It provides functions to connect to a given MySQL database, execute a SQL query, retrieve the query result data and number of rows.
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    PhpReportsMSSQL can generate report HTML pages from given SQL database queries. It supports either MySQL and Microsoft SQL server databases.PhpReportsMSSQL takes as parameters the database type, the database access arguments, an SQL query strings, the title of the report page, number of records to show in a page. It executes the SQL query and display the results in an HTML ...
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    mysql_query class allows you to generate INSERT-, UPDATE- and DELETE-queries easily, taking a tablename and conditional statement as input.mysql_query can also translate any SELECT-statement into another query. Makes it a bit easier if you have a lot of user-editable tables in your dbase.
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