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    clsCustomQuery can be used to execute MySQL database queries and retrieve all the result set rows and metadata into class variables.clsCustomQuery executes a given MySQL query. If it is a SELECT query it stores the result set rows in a bidimensional array class variable. It also stores the number of result set rows and columns in class variables.
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    mysql_db class provides access to MySQL using these methods:- open(): connects to database- query(): runs SQL query against the connected database- last_id(): gets last insert id for the connection- num_rows(): number of data rows from last query- close(): close database connectionErrors are handled via properties $db- >errtype and $db- >errstr, which can be tested for.
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    MySQLConnection is a package that contains 5 classes to be used to access a MySQL database:- MySQLConnection for establishing MySQL database server connections- Database for querying information about database tables- Table for querying information about individual database tables- Field for querying information about the fields of a database table- RecordSet for executing SQL queries and accessing the data of the ...
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    I use three class vars and five methods to connect, query, insert and update a MySql database. EZ Query cleans up your source code and decreases script development time. The focus was on displaying MySql data so I could take advantage of Dynamic webpages.EZ Query has scripts written to work with it too. The only thing lacking is a complex ...
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    Connect class is a very simple MySQL database wrapper class. It can establish MySQL database connection using configuration values from given configuration file in the .ini format.Connect class can also execute SQL queries, retrieve the result set row count, retrieve the result set row data, and retrieve the last inserted id.
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    MPdbMySQL class allows you to connect and query MySQL databases with optional verbose debug mode.
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    mysqlfuns contains two classes that wrap around MySQL database access functions.The first class is meant to establish a database connection. The other class is called RecordSet and is meant to provide an interface to execute the most common types of SQL queries.The RecordSet class provides separate functions to execute SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE SQL queries, as well functions to ...
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    The goal of geraSql.php is to generate SQL code according to parameters defined by the developer. Its main advantage is to reduce the probability of SQL programming errors.
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    dbApiCreate will give you add/edit/delete/search/generic search functions written in php as output. You tell it: database name, table name, field names, primary key, database connection details and it will then give you add/edit/delete/search/generic search functions written in php as output - simply copy the output into a new file(eg: access_lib.inc) and you have your access library for your new table. ...
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    clsManUrl is a simple class that can build a query string to use in a URL from a list of parameters. It can be used, for instance, to generate the URL a link that passes values to the linked page script.clsManUrl has functions for added or remove parameters from the list. Then it can generate the query string from the ...
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    myDBQuery is a simple MySQL database query execution wrapper that can keep track of the source file name and line number when a query error occurs.It just executes a MySQL database query and returns an array with the result set handle and the count of the number rows if the it is a SELECT query or the number of affected ...
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    SunMatDB is actually three classes combined: DB, RS and ROW.The DB class opens a connection to the database, executes queries and takes care of the error handling. The RS class takes care of traversing the actual result set including the prev() and next() methods.The ROW class wraps one row of the result set that is returned from a RS object ...
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    Connect to MS SQL Server Database and execute queries and display results.
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    MARK_MYSQL class is a wrapper for MySQL queries. It is very easy to use.
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    jMySQL is a simple interface class for MySQL.Select, Update, Insert, Delete queries are supported. It comes also with functions for emptying a table, dropping table and creating a heap table.
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