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    Smaller Sudoku generates arrays in a recursive manner that define cells with random numbers. HTML code to display the puzzle can also be generated. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Features of Free Word Search Puzzle PHP Script:- Completely customizable template. - Easily integrated into current application. - Custom dictionaries (comes with 7). - Easy to edit file with custom settings. - Puzzle Length & Width changeable via form. Automatic complexity settings.- Easy coloring and word selecting w/checker.- Makesafe file to insure added dictionaries are "puzzle" safe.
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    Draw Sudoku can be used to render boards of Sudoku game puzzles. It can read the positions of the numbers from a text file and generate HTML tables that displays the game board.There is also an alternative version of the class that extends Richard Monroe's DM-Sudoku class to render game boards generated by that class.
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