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    Little PHP Proxy retrieves pages of remote sites, parses the page HTML to translates all the URLs of links, images, Javascript, etc.. to map them to URLs of the current site that make the same class retrieve those remote resources via the current script using the class.The URL can be encoded in base64, for use via proxy.Requirements:PHP 4.3 or higher
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    Curl Based HTTP Client implements an HTTP client using the PHP Curl library extension. It can perform HTTP GET or POST requests taking an array as the list of POST parameters. Curl Based HTTP Client can set request referrer, authentication credentials, connection peer IP address, download/upload files, use proxy etc.. It can also collect cookies sent by the server in ...
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    Defensive Attack can be used to get and set information about the current user HTTP request details to help protecting against unintended accesses.Functions of Defensive Attack:- Determine the user machine real IP address even when it is behind a proxy.- Check whether the user IP address is the same as the Web server IP address- Determine whether the user is ...
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    ACE class can be use to generate Javascript to call functions of PHP class objects from the client side. It generates Javascript code to create Javascript objects on the client side that act as proxies of PHP objects on the server side.The generated code uses AJAX to communicate with the server side script that defines the ACE class. ACE class ...
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    Simple Users Online is meant to keep track of the users currently accessing a site. It stores the unique IP addresses of each users online in a database. The class tries to determine the real IP address of uses behind proxy servers.Simple Users Online also performs the maintenance task of deleting all the records of user IP addresses that are ...
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    The Winamp Shell ProXy is a package of two components:- The w5sp.exe, a little commandline tool written in VB which acts as a proxy on the system shell- A php-class which serve a full featured winamp remote control to a webclient.After defining some parameters in the configuration file (where to find the w5sp.exe, the winamp.exe, etc.) the class instance can ...
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    HN Shoutcast can access a Shoutcast server via HTTP and retrieve information about its status. Currently it can access a Shoutcast server directly or via an HTTP proxy connection with proxy user authentication support if necessary.HN Shoutcast also supports automatic correction of the address of the information page in case it was specified the address of a stream instead, which ...
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    Advanced HTTP Client is a http client class.Advanced HTTP Client supports:- HTTP Proxy with Basic Authenticationmultipart/form-data AND application/x-www-form-urlencoded- GET, HEAD and POST methods- HTTP cookies- Chunked Transfer-Encoding- HTTP 1.0 and 1.1 protocols- Keep-Alive Connections- Basic WWW-Authentication
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    A simple to use script that will allow a user to go to any website with the server hosting this to be the go between. This acts much like a remote proxy in that the site you are on cannot tell what is your real ip.However this script will do everything using just http, no setup at all, and filters ...
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