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    HTTP protocol client implements requests to Web resources using the HTTP protocol.Features of HTTP protocol client:- May submit HTTP requests with any method, to any page, to any server, connecting to any port.- Provides support to setup connection and request arguments from a given URL.- May submit requests via a proxy server with support for authentication if necessary.- Supports HTTP ...
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    Sitemap Creator is a php script making use of the announced new standard SiteMaps protocol supported by Google, Yahoo , MSN , Ask.com and moreover.com. The script is able to crawl/spider your website, create your sitemaps, ping Google, Yahoo, Ask.com, moreover.com with the location of your sitemaps and send you alerts by email when sitemaps are created or crawled by ...
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    ICQ Protocol can be used to create chat robots to communicate with ICQ users.The main class can establish a connection to the ICQ server, authenticate on behalf of a given user, and send messages to an user with a given identifier.A separate script can be used to implement robots with functionality defined by separate module classes.
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    LDAP class can be used to access and manipulate data in servers accessible using the LDAP protocol. It can connect to a given LDAP server, optionally with TLS to use a secure connection.LDAP class can perform general directory searches or restrict the search to a given directory sub-tree or just one directory level. It can also add, remove or modify ...
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    DCOP calls for PHP can be used to execute actions in KDE applications running in a local desktop machine.It establishes a DCOP protocol connection to retrieve the list of currently running KDE based applications, as well the list of actions supported by a given application. Then it can validate arguments and execute any of the supported application actions.You can for ...
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    SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is a protocol designed in the implementation of services utilizing sessions. This class can generate SIP packets from using arrays to specify the packet definitions.floSIP Packet provides means to add or update the headers list from individual definitions or read from a string with all header lines. The complete SIP headers may be returned in a ...
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    Samba Web Client is meant to provide a Web interface to access shared resources in networks that use the Windows Samba protocol.The class can browse shared directories, browse printer queues, retrieve files, print files, cancel print jobs, delete files and directories.Samba Web Client can detect the listed file types from their file name extensions and present the appropriate icon images. ...
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    WebDAV client implements a WebDAV protocol client that is nearly conformant to RFC 2518 to modify resources on a HTTP server.It supports operations GET, PUT, MOVE, COPY, etc., either using HTTP/1.0 and HTTP/1.1.
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    oai-pear isa PHP class library for the Open Archives Initiative Protocol Metadata Harvesting. This library provides a Server (= Repository) as well as a Client (= Harvester) interface. This package is conformant to and makes use of PEAR classes.
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