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    IRC Class is a PHP script to interact with the IRC protocol and can allow a PHP-based app to talk to an IRC server. Includes support for:-connecting to IRC channels-closing the connection when needed-setting an username-setting up a password-showing the read buffer-talking in the chat room-joining specific channel rooms-getting another user's Twitter name, etc..
  2. iRedis
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    iRedis is a PHP script to interface with Redis databases. The script supports the Unified Request protocol. It can handle anything from simple database authentication operations to server commands and bulk replies. Requirements:- Redis 1.2 or Higher
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    Fleck HTTP is a PHP library for working with the HTTP protocol. Developed for the newer version of PHP (5.4.x +), the library is lightweight in size, while efficient at the same time. Includes scripts for dealing with getters and setters in requests and responses, manipulating HTTP behavior to fit the programmer's needs. Requirements:- PHP 5.4 or Higher Limitations:- Still ...
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    Redisent is a PHP script for interacting with Redis databases. It allows developers to interact with a Redis database via PHP code. It was designed from the start to allow changes to the Redis protocol as it's developed. Features of Redisent:- Shared Redis API- Support for lists- Pipelining- Setup keys Requirements:- Redis
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    JSON-RPC PHP is a collection of PHP scripts for working with the JSON RPC protocol. It is a protocol similar to XML-RPC, but implemented on top of JSON. The scripts are compliant with version 1.0 of the JSON-RPC protocol. It comes packet with both client and server functionality. Requirements:- PHP 5 or Higher
  6. JAXL
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    JAXL is a PHP library for the Jabber XMPP Client, which can be used when writing custom TCP/IP client and server implementations running on the XMPP protocol. Features of JAXL:- Asynchronous- Non-blocking I/O- Event-based- Support for HTTP, TCP and IP protocols- Logging- Cron jobs Requirements:- PHP 5.2.4 or Higher
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    php-amqplib is an implementation of the AMQP protocol in PHP. AMQP stands for Advanced Message Queuing Protocol and is an open standard protocol for message-oriented middleware. It is used in production environments for sending and/or consuming over 600 000 messages/day. Requirements:- PHP 5.3 or Higher What's New in This Version:- Adds new SocketIO class + TCP_NODELAY option.
  8. Sitemap Creator
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    Sitemap Creator is a php script making use of the announced new standard SiteMaps protocol supported by Google, Yahoo and MSN. It creates sitemap.xml.gz compressed file for your Sitemap and pings Google,Yahoo! and MSN to come crawl it.
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    BrowserID login with PHP is a simple PHP library for authenticating users via BrowserID. BrowserID is a secure, multibrowser website authentication mechanism developed by Mozilla. The library will allow websites and web-based apps to authenticate users against the BrowserID protocol via PHP. A demo is included with the download package.
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    nntp is the simple implementation of the nntp protocol which allows php to make postings to a newsgroup. You can also reply to your own postngs on the same thread or reply to someone elses if you have the id number of the message.
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    PHP OpenGraph can be used to extract OpenGraph information from sites. The script can take the URL of a given site page and parse the page to extract information of OpenGraph protocol properties like site title, type, image, URL, site name, etc.. Requirements:PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Spyc is a YAML loader/dumper written in PHP. Given an YAML document, Spyc will return an array which you can use however you see fit. If an array is given as input, Spyc will return a string which contains a YAML document built from the provided data.YAML is an amazingly human friendly and strikingly versatile data serialization language which can ...
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    GET, POST, PUT and DELETE HTTP requests can be sent to a Web service server supporting the REST protocol with REST Client.REST Client supports HTTP basic authentication, passing parameters in the request URL, send HTTP POST requests using either arrays with form data values or raw POST data, and use a custom content-type header value.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    POP3 e-mail client implements the access to mail boxes using the POP3 protocol. Features of POP3 e-mail client:- Support secure connections using TLS- Provides a stream wrapper class to access messages like files using fopen('pop3://user:pass@localhost/1', 'r');- POP3 server access using normal and apop login methods- Authentication mechanisms implemented by SASL client class like: PLAIN, LOGIN, CRAM-MD5, NTLM (Windows or Linux/Unix ...
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    URL Utility can take as parameters the URL protocol scheme, the host, the port, the path and the query parameters. Then it generates the complete URL from the specified parameters.The URL parameters can be changed, retrieved or removed individually. It can also merge parameters of different URLs.Requirements: PHP 4.1 or higher
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