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    The details get stored in a variable array in this class. Here are some key features of "QReflection":· Comments· Interfaces· Constants· Properties· Methods· Method signatures Requirements: PHP 5 or higher
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    Access Methods can be used to map accesses to class variables into calls to setter and getter methods.Access Methods provides functions that can called from a class __set and __get methods to automatically set or get the property values by calling the class setter and getter methods for the respective properties.For example, if there is a property named "name", Access ...
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    HTMLparser uses a 'rather-standard' HTML stream into a tree-structure, that consitutes objects and properties.
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    Properties implements the same API of the Java package java.util.Properties to manipulate configuration property files. It is particularly useful in environments on which more than one programming language is used.There are implementations of this API for Java and Perl. This class implements the same API using PHP 5. Properties provides functions for adding properties, changing property values, removing properties, saving ...
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