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    Apinstall displays a bar place holder section on the page that will be updated when the job progresses. The script also generates Javascript that uses the jQuery library to send AJAX requests to retrieve the job progress status. Update notices are sent by the PHP script executing the job to the class, which in turn updates a file with the ...
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    The ANSI console class is extended in order to render a progress bar. The bar starts in a given console column and display a given percentage next to a bar made of repeated characters that represent the width of the bar relative to the total character width of the bar. Requirements: PHP 5 or higher
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    No specific PHP extension is required for Console App to work.Key Features of Console App:- Parse arguments and extract option values according to a definition of the option switches.- Generate the help screen to explain the options to the users- Display formatted messages to the console with ASCII control sequences to set color, bold, underline, reverse and blink styles.- Read ...
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    Application Update reads the list of application files to update from the remote server. Different sets of files may be available for different application versions.Application Update can retrieve the files from the remote server and update the file's copies in the local server. It displays the progress of the updating after each file is transferred.Before updating the local files, Application ...
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    A text representing the progress reached so far in percentage is displayed on the progress bar image. Mi Barra can be configured to choose the colors and the TrueType font used to display the bar image.Requirements: PHP GD extension
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    CProgbar can be used to render and update a progress bar in a HTML page. It renders a progress bar in HTML that can be displayed in a given in-line frame.CProgbar also generates the necessary JavaScript to update the bar to show the progress of a given task being executed.
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    cssProgressBar generates HTML with CSS style definitions that are used to render the progress bar. The bar size can be adjusted according to a specified percentage value.Requirements:PHP 3.0 or higher
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    Gantt Chart Class can be used to generate project planning and progress report Gantt charts. It takes all the definitions of the chart details from associative arrays that are passed to the class constructor function.Gantt Chart Class supports the definition of details of project task groups, initial planned work, adjusted plan, real work done, progress (percentage done), milestones (products/objectives) and ...
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    PHProgress Bar is meant to display the progress of a server side task by the means of bar that is displayed and updated in an HTML page. It is a fork based on ProgressBar class written originally by Mika Turin.Features of PHProgress Bar:- Rewritten the JavaScript and DHTML code to generate valid XHTML 1.0 strict code- Added the setDirection() function ...
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    Tracks the progress of a certain set of tasks within a PHP script. Creates a graphical representation in an html table that updates as task execution progresses.
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