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    PgProcedures defines the __call function to accept calls to PostgreSQL stored procedures by the name of function of the class that is called. The function arguments are converted to parameters that get passed when the procedure is called. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    pl2method uses PHP 5 __call function to map class function calls to execute stored procedures with the same name on a given PostgreSQL database schema.pl2method passes function parameter values to the stored procedure as its parameters. If the values do not match the procedure expected types, the class throws an exception.A PDO statement object that can be used to retrieve ...
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    The ODBC API is used to connect to a specified Progress database.Tables Properties Progress ODBC can retrieve the list of tables in a database, as well its indexes and keys, fields and stored procedures.Requirements: PHP 4.3 or higher
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    ezMySQL can read and display the list of tables and their fields, as well the stored procedures of a given MySQL database.The code of a given procedure can also be created, updated, dropped or listed.Requirements:PHP 3.0 or higher
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    Changed Since Files eases the procedure for projects where synchronizing a large number of files is necessary.
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    The SqlCommand class is designed to provide a simple, effective, and yet powerful way to use Microsoft SQL Server stored procedures through PHP, with the aid of the PEAR database abstraction layer.SqlCommand Class provides an object-oriented method of declaring and configuring stored procedures in your PHP code, performs strong parameter "typing" of all values passed to the database, and allows ...
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    MsSQL Database Functions is a wrapper class to access Microsoft SQL server databases.It can establish database connections, execute SQL queries, retrieve the number of result set rows, retrieve SELECT query results into arrays, prepare and execute stored procedures.
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    MySQL SP is meant to provide an emulation of stored procedures for MySQL.MySQL SP uses template files stored on the database client side that contain multiple SQL statements with special marks that identify placeholders that are replaced by procedure arguments when they are executed.The result of the execution of procedure is an array containing either the handles of the result ...
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    authenticator is intended to authenticate users by calling a stored procedure of Microsoft SQL server named SP_Login.It works by comparing the password supplied by the user against the password returned by the stored procedure. These passwords are encrypted using the MD5 algorithm to avoid storing clear text passwords.authenticator may also output a simple login form in HTML ready to use ...
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    PostGIS is a wrapper to execute the stored procedures of the PostGIS package for manipulating objects of a Geographic Information System (GIS) stored in PostgreSQL.Most of the class functions just call PostGIS procedures, but there are also utility functions for instance to import ESRI shapefiles.
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    PHP RPC Lite classes implements a lightweight remote procedure call server and client for calling functions in a distinct server also running a PHP script. It can be used for invoking distributed services running on different Web servers running PHP.The PHP RPC client takes function call arguments and marshalls to a PHP RPC server using HTTP POST method. The server ...
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    Database Queries package is an abstraction for executing database queries or stored procedures depending on the database.This class is based on factory design pattern that is used to choose which of the supported database interface classes it will use.Currently, the package comes with classes to execute MySQL and MS SQL server database queries or stored procedures. One can extend this ...
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    MySQL stored procedures emulates stored procedures for MySQL databases used (MySQL) client side files to define the SQL code of the procedures. It executes simple queries defined within a named block, known as "stored procedure".The query syntax within a stored procedure is compliant with standard SELECT, INSERT, DELETE and UPDATE MySQL queries, but it does not accept sub-select queries like ...
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