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    Print Anything generates HTML with special Javascript code and CSS style sheet that includes the whole page in a non-printable section and adds a new page section with given HTML that you want to print, but it is not displayed in the browser.Print Anything can also generate links of form buttons that when clicked trigger the execution of the generated ...
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    PHP Print provides an abstract interface for printing documents. Currently it includes one implemented class that allows printing of basic text or preformatted (.prn) document files using the LPR protocol.The data to be sent to the printer can be either a filename or a string. The driver interface provides hooks in the code to allow development of printer filters (drivers). ...
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    PHP PrintIPP can be used to print documents using the Internet Printing Protocol (IPP). The class can connect to an IPP server given its URL, and retrieve the list of available printers.It can also retrieve the attributes of a given printer to determine its printing capabilities.PHP PrintIPP can queue jobs by specifying the files of the documents to be printed. ...
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    Printing webpages is great, but every browser renders a page differently. This can cause problems if you need to be able to print a page that looks the same no matter what platform or browser is being used. Additionally, PDF files can be searched and browsed as a sort of notebook, making it a useful file format for large text ...
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    Class printSimpelColumns is intended for writing tables in console mode, but can also be used in connection with HTML. The printSimpelColumns is using the C style text formatting. A working example is included.
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    Aprint is a small class built to print many text directly from PHP at server side when the Web server is running under Windows.Features of APrint:- Set the page margins- Define many font parameters like font type, size, underline- Use different font type for each line- Automatically start new page when the previous is full- Simple page numbering- May choose ...
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    Class which generates a barcode128 for printing (PDF format).
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    objectStatus is a PHP class for observing and logging objects. It collects messages and can print them to the screen, write into a log file, or send them via email to any number of recipients. objectStatus can be used for development purposes or for monitoring running applications. Please have a look at the xMySQL class (also in this repository) to ...
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